It’s a constant language battle between the two warring generations and Buzzfeed decided to take a closer look. With Martha Stewart coming out swinging against remote work, she comes off as being a Super Boomer. So here’s a smattering of opinions that likely align with hers… (Read the full list here.) Also noted are how […]

The average American now drinks about the same amount of alcohol as people drank during the Civil War days, a new study reveals. The study, conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, found the average American consumes 2.51 gallons of straight ethanol – the pure alcohol found in wine, beer and spirits […]

Losing your keys can happen all the time. We’re not worried about that. It becomes a problem when Ramona refuses to embrace the new styles of door locks and keypads that exist. Her situation was so dire even the locksmith said he couldn’t help her. On a more somber note, Matt told us his family’s […]

The Taste of Charlotte will sprawl all over Uptown this weekend and it’s your chance to try all the tastes of Charlotte. The three-day food festival will have Tryon Street blocked off from Trade Steet to Brooklyn Village Avenue so you can roam the streets and eat freely on June 10th and 11th. Visit their […]

On the last Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast, we talked about the stresses of Ramona’s move. Perhaps more specifically, Ramona’s stresses of her move. We get it. It’s stressful. But do you ever add stress to yourself? Because Ramona might be doing that by refusing to embrace just about any technology after 1999. (We […]

There’s plenty to stress you out while you’re moving but sometimes that in-between space can be the most nervewracking. You know that spot. Where everything in your old place is packed, organized and loaded onto the truck. Your new place sits empty and expectant. But you still need some bed sheets, your sleepy clothes, toilet […]

A new report has revealed that the average life expectancy of people in the United States has fallen. The report from the American Journal of Public Health found that life expectancy of U.S. citizens has fallen behind that of other countries over the past four decades. In fact, life expectancy in the U.S. was said […]

According to, over HALF of the human population is using a form of social media. That means there’s a high likelihood of potential fraud and scams on these platforms. That said, these are the top social media scams to look out for, according to Security Boulevard: 1) Lottery and gift card scams 2) Executive […]

It’s Tuesday! That means two things: Ramona! And our Off Air Podcast. The conversation starts with trying to decipher what to do with business cards you come across months later. And is there a new digital etiquette to handing them out? We then move on to Ramona’s misadventures in moving. Specifially what she found buried […]

We have some concerns. Ramona is in the midst of downsizing as she prepares to sell her home and move into a townhouse. To put it blunty, she hoards. And she’s been hanging on to the contents of her “craft closet” and spools of fabric. Matt and Liz would through the junk out. Ramona’s emotional […]