And when I say we still don’t understand, I mean we *still* don’t understand. As Ramona stoppped by the show and hopped on the podcast, JD tried to describe the name of an old nightclub. I would like to explain this further but absolutely cannot. You’ll have to listen. To JD. Try to pronounce two […]

Today is Matt’s youngest daughter’s thirteenth birthday. So he was doing some googling for birthday gifts. His daughter wants a fox tail to wear. Innocent. Harmless. Think cosplay. Or what Cam Newton wore in a post-game press conference once. AND ON HIS CLEATS. The results brought Matt to butt plugs. He can’t figure it out […]

There are two sides to every coin so I’d like to acknowledge there can be all kinds of emotions and experiences around and on Mother’s Day. For those who want to celebrate the mothers and maternal figures in their lives, there’s a ton do in Charlotte this Sunday. There are a billion brunch options so […]

American Humane celebrates the oldest commemorative week in U.S. history, the 108th “Be Kind to Animals Week.” This week invites people of all ages to engage and help make the world a kinder place for animals. The CEO of American Humane said, “The commemorative week provides people with the opportunity to contemplate the bigger picture […]

Are you the kind of neighbor that talks to other neighbors? A study says that the average adult hasn’t spoken to one of theirs for three weeks. Ramona and JD are absolutely on board with making neighborly acquaintances. Matt will give the occasional head nod. Liz will meet your dog. Listen to the whole podcast […]

The episode starts with Matt wondering whether anyone in the room has friendships with people they’ve met online. Every single person except for Matt has. As we delve deeper into these types of relationships and how they form, Matt reveals the limits he has on his real life friendships. It’s hilarious. Listen now!

Here’s to mimosas all day every day in Ballantyne! A popular New Orleans-style brunch chain is expanding again in Charlotte as Ruby Sunshine opens in the Toringdon Market Shopping Center this Summer. They expanded to Charlotte three years ago when their South End location opened. The all-day brunch concept is open for breakfast and lunch […]

NoDa Brewing and Humane Society of Charlotte have teamed up to pair two of Liz’s favorite things: Dogs and beer. So help her put her 10-year-old corgi, Harper, on a beer can! The link to vote for her cranky corgi is here. Through this photo competition, one dog and one cat, will become the face […]

Ah, prom season. Enter Matt: The proud dad. His oldest daughter Addison had her Senior Prom this past weekend and it brought some anxiety with it. For Matt. We also discuss Ramona’s ongoing downsizing and catching shade from the realtor in the listing for her house. Check out her listing here. Listen to the latest […]

Looking for a mansion? Well Lake Norman has several including the most expensive property to hit Mecklenburg County and the second most expensive in the whole state. It’s a $22 million, 4.5 acre, 11,500 square foot estate on a private island as shown on Google Maps. Premier Sotheby’s has the full listing. The main house […]