Cruise LLC, a driverless rideshare company, is testing its vehicles in Charlotte as part of its plans for the city. The tests are taking place in multiple districts, with a driver behind the wheel at all times. You may see some of the vehicles around uptown this weekend. The tests are being used to gather […]

It all started with a dog named Taco. Now our very own evening jock, Holly Haze, is making a difference in our community. Here is how it all started in Holly’s own words. “Honestly, I had no idea just a few short months ago that I would be volunteering so much of my time to […]


Early Tuesday, two earthquakes shook near Greensboro. Both had magnitudes somewhat higher than 2.0. The first occurred at 2:19 a.m. at U.S. 70 and Interstate 785 in northeast Greensboro. According to the United States Geological Survey, it had a magnitude of 2.3. The second earthquake struck the same location a few minutes later. According to […]


Due to the current wildfires in Hawaii, people with travel plans to the state in the near future are understandably wondering what they should do. To begin with, if you planned to visit Maui, local government officials want nonessential travel to the island to be rescheduled to help ease the stress on local infrastructure. Major […]


Impact of Influence Podcast, Questions Remain In Shanquella Robinson Case, Her Father Speaks Out On October 28, 2022, Shanquella Robinson traveled with 6 people to Cabo, Mexico for vacation. The next day she was pronounced dead in her vacation villa. The first reports were that she died of alcohol poisoning. Then an autopsy from Mexico […]

The ongoing strikes by the Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have really hit California’s economy. Economists have estimated the two strikes have led to a whopping $3 billion hit on the state’s economy. With most film and television production at a standstill, other industries and […]

Hawaiin Native Jason Momoa has spoken out about the fires currently taking place in Hawaii. He said on Instagram, “We are devastated and heartbroken for our friends and ‘ohana on Maui who been impacted by the recent wildfires.”  He also shared information about how the fire started and gave fans resources in case they wanted […]

The National Weather Service has confirmed that there were two tornadoes that impacted areas north of Charlotte. The first was an EF-0 with estimated max winds up to 85 mph and a path length of 1.8 miles. The second tornado was an EF-1 that started in Catawba County, tracked through Iredell County and ended in […]

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are searching for a 900 pound longhorn bull that escaped Monday night in west Charlotte. The owner was attempting to move the bull from a pasture to an enclosed area as severe weather moved through, but the animal was spooked and escaped. The owner and CMPD Animal Care and Control are actively seeking […]

Taylor Swift shared a special and sweet moment with Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s daughter, Bianka, during her Tour stop in Los Angeles. Caught on camera, she can be seen giving the six-year-old a big hug before gifting her hat. Check out the sweet moment below: Vanessa and her daughters were among the Swifties for […] The post Taylor Swift Shares Special Moment With Kobe Bryant’s Daughter, Bianka, During Los Angeles Tour Stop appeared first on 92 Q.