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Jennifer Lopez doesn’t see retirement in the near future. Lopez recently talked about her acting career and how it’s been great to see more roles created for older women. “As you get older and you have more experience, you become a richer human being and you have more to offer,” she said. “The idea of, […]

Celebrity News

On Wednesday, Taylor Swift bid her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, farewell in Kansas City and took a plane to London to attend the premiere of Beyoncé’s new concert film. Taylor is repaying Beyoncé for attending the L.A. film premiere of her Eras tour last month. It is anticipated that Taylor will arrive at London’s Stansted Airport […]

Celebrity News

Taylor Swift has announced on socials that ‘Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour’ will be available to rent on-demand starting December 13, which happens to be her 34th birthday. She wrote on Instagram, “Well, so, basically, I have a birthday coming up, and I was thinking a fun way to celebrate the year we’ve had together […]


Leaders in Davidson, North Carolina, are set to vote on renaming the Exit 30 interchange on Interstate 77 after NBA superstar Stephen Curry, who attended Davidson College. The town and college staff are supportive of the request, but the decision ultimately falls under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Department of Transportation. If approved, the […]

A woman has shared a photo of a receipt on Reddit, showing a note left by a customer who was unhappy with a waitress calling her husband “sweetheart”. The image was posted with the caption “Families first time visiting the South”. Some Reddit users defended the waitress, saying that it is common in the South […]

The Tega Cay Wildlife Conservation Society in South Carolina has received approval from the state’s Department of Pesticide Regulation to use ZonaStat-D, also known as PZP, to control the city’s growing deer population. PZP is a natural protein that prevents pregnancy in deer by boosting their immune system. The method involves darting the protein into […]

We’ve got a new champion for the most popular baby name for 2023, according to the folks at BabyCenter. ‘Noah’ took the number one spot for boy’s names this year, dethroning three-year champ ‘Liam’, which dropped to No. 2. The name Noah is of Hebrew origin that means Rest, Peace. ‘Oliver’, ‘Elijah’, and ‘Mateo’ round […]

Matt LeBlanc, who starred in Friends alongside Matthew Perry, has finally shared a message to honor Perry after his untimely death. LeBlanc said, “It is with a heavy heart I say goodbye.” He continued, “The times we had together are honestly among the favorite times of my life.” He added, “It was an honor to […]

Prior to Post Malone’s appearance on the CMA Awards stage with Morgan Wallen and Hardy, in which they will play a medley of country hits, he also seems to have been composing with some of Music City’s top writers while he’s here. James McNair recently uploaded a photo of Post Malone in the studio with […]

Taylor Swift has a dedicated correspondent at Gannet, the largest US newspaper group. Variety reported that 35-year-old reporter Bryan West loves the star. “I would say this position’s no different than being a sports journalist who’s a fan of the home team,” says West. Gannet sought out Beyoncé and Taylor Swift reporters in September to […]