Matt And Ramona: Off Air

  HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!!! screams Ramona! On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Ramona tried to make a tiktok that had her face down on the floor and she’s blaming Matt! Welp! Matt says it’s her fault for tripping and then the laughs came and keep on […]

HIDE HIS KIDS, HIDE HIS WIFE! Matt’s lawyering up in this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona. Harris says if anything happens to Ramona, Eric and Max that he didn’t DO IT and he’s got his lawyer to cover it. Plus we learned that most people don’t know how to unscrew a light […]

First off, Forget your butter and the churn you claim! We’ve beef between Butter on OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona. Ramona discovered there is East Coast and West Coast butter. Who knew there was a difference?! Plus phrases Max doesn’t know and Matt wants to keep on this buttery episode of OFF AIR!

In a pandemic world with zoom meetings.. we have a new disease… On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Ramona has a case of FACIAL EXPRESSION MANAGEMENT DISORDER: (when you can’t control your face in a zoom meeting)! Matt tries to coach her to fix her face. PLUS! We’re talking the BILLION […]

Matt Harris & Seton Tucker are back with a new episode on The Murdaugh Family Murders, Impact of Influence! On this episode Alex Murdaugh faces a lot of new charges. That leads to more questions about where are the “missing” millions? Forensic accounting comes up a lot in the Murdaugh story, and the FBI agent […]

What do you get when you have a Matt Harris with no caffeine and no meds. Well on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona we got an unfocused and sad shell of a man who blurts way too much! We didn’t die tho! Also, we’re talking how to improve your relationship in […]

pssss are you awake? The question that lead to the fart heard around the world on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona. We’re talking about sleeping and how sometimes it can split up couples. Matt’s a bed scratcher, Ramona got farted on and Eric thinks Shaq slobbers at night. Try to get you […]

HEY Y’ALL ! On this episode of the Matt & Ramona OFF AIR Podcast both Matt and Ramona discuss what does it takes to be southern. And no… you don’t have to wear your jeans inside cowboy boots to do so. Plus, Matt talks what it’s like to have an awkward smile when someone asks […]

We would never kiss and tell.. OR WOULD WE?? On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona we discuss kissing and the different types of kisser we all could be. Matt seems to be a “Take Charge Tim” and Ramona is looking for a Sync UP Sam.. We’re not Prince but we’re giving […]

“WHERE’S YOUR MANAGER?!” Karen voice! On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Ramren (Ramona as Karen) strikes again! This time with a good cause! She wants to speak to the manager to get the tip jar back for Baristas everywhere or at least on South Blvd in Charlotte. Listen to her crusading […]