It’s not that you want to know. Or even asked. But Matt claims he comes from a long line of people announcing they’re going potty. We could’ve assumed this was a work-based thing. Songs and commercial breaks are only so long so it might behoove Matt to proclaim his intentions. But recently, Ramona’s noticed that […]

On today’s podcast Ramona traces the roots of her bossness (or is it bossiness? Who’s to say?) to the first time she felt powerful. Obviously, Matt has some thoughts. Also on the ep, Matt’s mustache misadventures from a costume gone askew. Listen now!

As we transition out of spooky season, Matt regales us with the tale of his college girlfriend with supernatural powers (and yes, I do mean the double entendre there) who stalked and spooked and probably made a voodoo doll version of Matt. Hear all about the spell she put on him by listening to the […]

Halloween costumes allow everyone to display a side of their personality, or perhaps an alter-ego, and Matt and Ramona are no exception. Today’s ep spotlights what Matt’s past costumes say about him. And since it’s Halloween, both discussed the best window to trick or treat and how to determine how much candy to buy ahead […]

Today we learn that Ramona has never eaten pumpkin pie (insanity!), won’t eat anything pumpkin (ridiculousness!) and that she eats teeny tiny bites of candy corn which might even more ludicrous than everything else I just typed. Also meet Lonnie! Our fill-in producer who stepped in admirably for an under-the-weather JD. He and Ramona have […]

Basking in the Parisian glow ever since she returned from her first ever trip to France, Ramona has realized her life may need more steps. Also on the podcast, we cover candy corn as a pizza topper and are you normal if you’ve ever drank sugar in warm milk. Listen now!

There are certain things that are known. The earth spins on its axis. The sun rises and sets. And Ramona will always drive everywhere cautiously. As a passenger recently, hanging on for what sounds like dear life and not having her directions adhered to, her personal (and careful driving) choices were confirmed. Also her anxiety […]

On today’s episode of the Matt & Ramona Off Air podcast, Ramona fulfills a lifelong dream of traveling to France. In an ideal world, she would have taken her mom and best friend, Wheezy, with her. Wheezy succumbed to Alzheimer’s in 2021. But Ramona found a way to take her remains. It involved subterfuge, passing […]

Welcome to today’s episode where Matt & Ramona wonder what it must be like to be in a bathing suit and part of someone else’s social media posting. Like we are way too self conscious for that. We learn that Matt’s clothing inspo is a pantless bear and JD “may” have been a teacher’s pet. […]

Ah, the sticky wicket of how do you split tabs when dining out with a group? Today Matt & Ramona are talking about the very specific instance for how handle that when it’s a birthday. For instance, what happens when the birthday celebrator invites the group? Is the assumption that they’ll pay for everyone they […]