The latest Matt & Ramona Off Air podcast dropped. Matt made things a little awkward before the Charlotte FC match. He showed an odd seventies album cover to a guy.  When you hear the story you will understand the title of the episode. You will laugh your butt off when you hear the story. Plus, […]

It is not what you think? Or is it? The latest Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast dropped. The University of South Carolina is trying to come up with a new name for its mascot. Not the mascot in the costume, the actual bird. Cock Commander was the leading vote getter, followed by Cluck Norris. […]

In the latest Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast, Ramona shares the details of taking part in the Gay Pride festivities. She loves parades, so she was super excited to be marching in Charlotte’s Gay Pride Parade. The one problem, she thinks people may have thought she was a performer. What type of performer? You […]

For years Ramona has been mistaken for TV personality and blogger Brigida Mack. In the lastest Matt and Ramona Off Air episode, Ramona tells a hilarious story of the most recent mix up. Also; we discussed a new study that revealed over 60 per cent of people on dating apps are guys. This has led […]

In the latest episode of The Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast, we discuss my daughter’s desire to get pet rats. Yes, you read that correctly. Pet Rats!! I have no idea why we gave into her power point presentation of why she should have pet rats. My wife and older daughter absolutely refuse to […]

In the latest Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast we discuss Ramona’s trip to Philadelphia to check out lots of hair, concerts and a surprise visit to Hershey, PA. Ramona Loved it! However; during our conversation about her trip to Chocolate World, our producer, Squatch, learned a new slang term somewhat related to her weekend […]

The latest episode of the Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast is out. Ramona Holloway loves hair!  Wigs, faux ponytails, hair extensions of every length and texture, she loves it all. Sure, when she visits Philly this weekend she will see an Earth, Wind, and Fire concert and an Alicia Keys concert, but the highlight […]

A new episode of the Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast dropped. We thought our producer, Squatch, had a tough nickname as a kid. You won’t believe the nickname Matt had in middle school. The sad part is, HE GAVE HIMSELF THE NAME! Plus, we discuss Matt’s problem with someone telling him, “so and so […]

After 19 years, WBTV’s Maureen O’Boyle is moving on to her next act. We had a chance to talk to Maureen the day of her last broadcast on WBTV. She talked about how she came home to Charlotte after 19 years on the national media scene. We discussed the stories that meant the most to […]

In the latest Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast, Matt exposes a street violinist scam. There is a national scam going on involving people pretending to play the violin to get money from good samaritans. We discuss what is happening, and where, in the Charlotte area, the fake violin virtuosos have been spotted.   Also; […]