The podcast starts with questions about being easily startled, Halloween pranks and finding somone asleep or possibly dead. Simple enough stuff, no? But then Matt & Ramona wander into the dangerous neighborhood that is JD’s brain. Specifically the part of his brain that involves making decisions when mailing a letter. We find out that it […]

Some of us say there’s no such thing! Matt defends his ability to eat Uncrustables, the pre-made peanut and butter jelly sandwich that comes in a box and is easy to freeze and consume. You know it’s serious when even The Wall Street Journal got in on the game, writing an article entitled “The Grown-Ups […]

As it usually does, the conversation starts easily enough. Matt telling charming tales of his daughter’s first two weeks at the University of South Carolina and her pledging a sorority. But it devolves quickly into nothing but Ramona’s unabashed laughter as JD tells a wide-eyed, innocent tale of working in college. At a sorority. And […]

Never mind the absence of facts he brings up, Matt loves cruise control. That in and of itself isn’t bad. Until you hear how *often* he uses it. The words ‘ with reckless abandon’ come to mind. Is this you? Do you do this, too? Hear Ramona’s far more measured approach to driving attentively. Listen […]

Yup. She’s a name forgetter now. She’s joined the corporate ranks of those in Zoom meetings, on conference calls and wearing suits. Ok, that last part’s a lie. Her dress game has been 100. As she stepped away from Matt & Ramona Mornings, she became Radio One Charlotte’s Community Affairs Manager. But that does not […]

There could be no more serendipitous moment than Ramona recording the Off Air Podcast on this blessed holiday… National Thrifting Day! Hear her sage advice as she guides you through the best places to bargain hunt in Charlotte. Also in this episode: Matt driving his oldest daughter to the University of South Carolina for move-in […]

Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire Ramona was asked by Matt several thrift-store-expert-level questions and she (and her knowledge) did not disappoint. Hear her answer with aplomb about what it takes to find a deal and how good she is at it. In Ramona’s Reality Room, she talked about making a cautious foray into the dating world. And […]

The WFNZ Dog House was the place to bee (pun intended) for the Pre Bee Block Party prior to the Beyoncé concert in Charlotte last night. Matt, Ramona and JD were in attendance and thanks to Matt, his dad-bod and the electric slide… Things got awkward. What saved Matt? His emotional support human! a.k.a his […]

The desire to takeover Walmart Radio lives on!  A member of the WalMart Radio family reached out to the Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast team and there’s a potential personality swap in store… The debate is a lively one. Also tune in to hear Ramona’s latest Reality Room and whether famous houses are worth […]

Today’s podcast conversation started simply enough. There are things that Gen Z-ers and Millenialls actually agree with Boomers about. Examples include not everything needs to be a touchscreen, take something to any party you go to and loud music playing in stores. Well. We stopped there. The room couldn’t even agree on loud music playing […]