Matt And Ramona: Off Air

Looking for some dating advice just in time for Valentine’s Day? Laurie Berzack, Carolina’s Premier Matchmaker and host of “Love On The Go” podcast, dropped by The Morning Mix with Matt Harris and Friends to share her expert tips and tricks! https://carolinasmatchmaker.com/ Tune in to learn more about navigating the dating world and finding your […]

Matt And Ramona: Off Air

Matt’s soft launch on his New Year’s Resolutions…SHOULD be over by now. He said February 1st, well that day has come and is he sticking to it? Ramona has got a brilliant idea for how she can not only support her beloved Panthers and the new “HOTTY” Head Coach but also has figured out a […]

Matt And Ramona: Off Air

Ramona is in with Matt Harris & Friends, and the brings us some advice on if you are 50 and over how you might be a millionaire as well, and lots happening around the Queen City this weekend and where you can find her. And are there certain words that are not safe for Sunday […]

On today’s podcast, Ramona reaches a milestone with fundraising for the 2023 Walks to End Alzheimer’s across the area. Then the conversation turns to how to give a gift to another adult. If you’re handing out dream vacations, she’ll talke one. Otherwise time spent together is the perfect present. Matt tells a story of surprise […]

Ramona took a road trip with unintended pit stops. Turns out she’s never ridden long distance in an electric vehicle. Also! An update: Ramona was spared from sleeping next to the naked sleeper because there was about to be a shared-bed-slash-nudity situation. Crisis averted. They also delved into Ramona’s recent viewing of “The Color Purple” […]

On today’s podcast, Matt & Ramona wonder what is the acceptable barrier of clothing between friends sharing a bed? Ramona’s heading to an all-girls getaway where she’ll share snoozing space with a fellow female. That’s fine. The catch? The BFF sleeps naked. Also on the pod, Christmas decorating and Ramona’s inability to Christmas bake. Listen […]

It’s almost Thanksgiving so of course Matt & Ramona are only asking the important questions like would you sit in a bathtub full of gravy? Ramona believes in the skin rejeuvanating aspects of it so she’s in (not literally though.) The other option in this would you rather situation is mashed potatoes. Choose your fighter […]

To know (and love) Ramona is to know (and appreciate and maybe even relate to the fact) that she is an extreme anxiety haver. And another thing to have anxiety about: How much time she spends on her phone. With our devices being able to tally the time we spend on the phone, and specifically […]

And why is it that the husband always comes back with the wrong thing? Sorry for the gender stereotypes but it is A THING. On today’s podcast, Ramona talks of the escapades of significant others being sent to the store and coming back with incorrect items. Matt & JD think the lack of specificity is […]

It’s not that you want to know. Or even asked. But Matt claims he comes from a long line of people announcing they’re going potty. We could’ve assumed this was a work-based thing. Songs and commercial breaks are only so long so it might behoove Matt to proclaim his intentions. But recently, Ramona’s noticed that […]