Impact of Influence Podcast, Questions Remain In Shanquella Robinson Case, Her Father Speaks Out On October 28, 2022, Shanquella Robinson traveled with 6 people to Cabo, Mexico for vacation. The next day she was pronounced dead in her vacation villa. The first reports were that she died of alcohol poisoning. Then an autopsy from Mexico […]

The WFNZ Dog House was the place to bee (pun intended) for the Pre Bee Block Party prior to the Beyoncé concert in Charlotte last night. Matt, Ramona and JD were in attendance and thanks to Matt, his dad-bod and the electric slide… Things got awkward. What saved Matt? His emotional support human! a.k.a his […]

The desire to takeover Walmart Radio lives on!  A member of the WalMart Radio family reached out to the Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast team and there’s a potential personality swap in store… The debate is a lively one. Also tune in to hear Ramona’s latest Reality Room and whether famous houses are worth […]

Today’s podcast conversation started simply enough. There are things that Gen Z-ers and Millenialls actually agree with Boomers about. Examples include not everything needs to be a touchscreen, take something to any party you go to and loud music playing in stores. Well. We stopped there. The room couldn’t even agree on loud music playing […]

Matt’s daughter had a wardrobe crisis due to attending a very specific concert at PNC Music Pavilion…Matt had no answers (and doesn’t even remember what she actually wore) but Ramona had the wisdom his daughter, and every concertgoer, requires. Check out the podcast now! Don’t forget to weigh in with your response.

In all fairness, they’re not some rodents, they’re his rodents. He is the granddad to his daughter’s pet rats. Cookie and Cinder. And now two more have been added to the Harris family home. They are Mocha and Pepper. But it’s health problems for Cookie and veterinarian help was required. Hear Matt’s tale of rat […]

On today’s Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast, Ramona gets ducked. And then gets embarrassed by some assumptions that were made. (This isn’t a euphemism. Jeep drivers like to “duck” other Jeep drivers.) Then we go on to talk about the order in which we wash our dishes. Matt is astounded by Ramona’s order of […]

It’s the second installment of your twice-weekly dose of the Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast… Today’s topics ranged from why do concert performers (we’re looking at you, Culture Club) wear long sleeves on stage in the middle of a sweltering summer to finding out what we’ll look like old(er).


Matt Harris and Seton Tucker have been covering all things Murdaugh related since the murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh. Connor Cook was one of the people in the boat the night of the Mallory Beach boat crash. His attorney, Joe McCullough, discusses the boat crash settlement and his opens up about how Parkers has […]

On the newest Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast, Ramona’s efforts to declutter continue. So much so that she’s made rules for herself. Which when you make rules for yourself, isn’t that perhaps a sign you’re already in trouble? Let us also introduce you to the Golden Bachelor. ABC has a new “Bachelor” and he’s […]