It’s a smart but rare move in the airline industry, but Spirit Airlines Is Having A Fall Sale. If you’re looking for some fall travel deals, Spirit has you covered. They have tickets on sale for flights Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from Sept. 27th to Dec. 14th. The deal goes from now until Thursday […]

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville At Sea cruise line has launched a new program called “Heroes Sail Free.” The program provides one free three-day, two-night cruise to the Bahamas for U.S. military service members, both active duty and veterans, police, fire-rescue workers and educators. The cruise will sail from the Port of Palm Beach in Florida and […]

Our midday host, Drew was talking about this on the air! We found out more details! A Southwest airline pilot threatened to end a flight if a passenger kept AirDropping nudes to passengers on the flight. A TikToker uploaded a video of the pilot addressing passengers on a flight departing from Cabo San Lucas. The […]

Matt And Ramona: Off Air

In the latest Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast we discuss Ramona’s trip to Philadelphia to check out lots of hair, concerts and a surprise visit to Hershey, PA. Ramona Loved it! However; during our conversation about her trip to Chocolate World, our producer, Squatch, learned a new slang term somewhat related to her weekend […]


  Poor Ohio. The Buckeye state was just hanging out in the midwest, minding it’s own business when social media attacked. The Ohio Syndrome! “[The] Ohio Syndrome is the overwhelming sense of despair experienced by most individuals when visiting Ohio, who feel that the state is just as bad as they expected,” an explanation about […]

Getting away has never sounded more appealing! Looking to get away, but not spend too much? Travel + Leisure has listed nine private island resorts to visit without breaking the bank. This includes the Urraca Private Island Eco Resort in Panama with just a $195 nightly fee. At just $50 a night, you could visit […]

  As if the skyrocketing cost of driving a car isn’t bad enough, another form of transportation is about to see a major price hike. Now that people have taken to the skies again, major U.S. airlines are jacking up ticket prices by as much as 10 percent, airline reps said Tuesday at a JPMorgan […]

If you’ve ever felt like mauling a couple of bad guys with a series of potentially deadly do-it-yourself traps, now’s your chance. The house featured in the classic film “Home Alone” is available to rent — for one night only. A one-night stay in the Winnetka, Illinois home is being auctioned off on Airbnb on […]

Even though you probably already have your Thanksgiving travel plans in place, AAA has a few suggestions you might want to consider to avoid big traffic headaches. Today (Wednesday) is expected to be the busiest weekday travel day since the start of the pandemic. AAA officials say it’s best to either leave super early in […]

According to Triple-A, over 53 million people will travel during the Thanksgiving holiday. With looser COVID restrictions more people will hit the road and the friendly skies. Although travel is at pre-pandemic levels, gas prices won’t be with the Western part of the United States seeing higher prices at the pump. If you do plan […]