It’s been 18 years since the movie “School of Rock” was released but the cast has stayed pretty close. In fact, two of the castmates are closer than the others. Co-stars Angelo Massagli and Caitlin Hale who played classmates Marta and Frankie are actually dating and have been since 2018.  Although they’ve been together for […]

Adam Levine is returning to The Voice, but not as a judge. He is returning as a performer with his band Maroon 5 and the one and only Megan Thee Stallion. Adam and Megan will perform their hit song, Beautiful Mistake. Make sure you tune and check it out on May 25. Adam has really enjoyed […]

Bill Gates and his wife of 27 years, Melinda French Gates are currently in the midst of getting a divorce.

Brown, 42, was killed by deputies as he sat in his car on the morning of April 21. According to the initial autopsy, authorities fired several shots with five of them striking Brown in the back and a fatal one to the back of his head. Womble claims Brown's vehicle made contact with officers before the killing. 

At 50 years young, Naomi Campbell announced the birth of her first child. 'A beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother'

In a recent YouGov survey, 6 percent of people think they could beat a grizzly bear in a fight! Are they serious? Is it more surprising that about one in four think they would LOSE to a rat?

    Chris Rock Thinks Cancel Culture Is “Disrespectful” To Artists And Fans In a recent interview, Chris Rock shares his thoughts on cancel culture and the affect it has on entertainers and fans. Rock said “Honestly to me, it’s people disrespecting the audience. What happens is everybody gets safe and nobody tries anything. Things […]

  Last week I promised some health tips. I figured I would start with the easiest, yet one of the most neglected. Water. Our bodies lose water composition slowly over the years. When we are born, our bodies are about 75% water. It then decreases…..young kids have about 65% water composition….adult males have about 60% […]

Olivia Rodrigo’s star is rising at a meteoric rate! A lot of that is due to the monster smash hit “Driver’s License.”  It’s such a beautiful song and I always say a true artist’s talent shows when you perform the song live.  Can they hit the same notes?  Do they have any kind of stage […]

"The plan will consolidate the space the company occupies in the Charlotte area over the next several years with the goal of reducing its footprint from approximately 2.5 million square feet to approximately 1 million square feet," according to a statement by Duke Energy.