Friday night, I had an amazing dinner at Salmeri’s Italian Kitchen, in Ft. Mill. One of the best dinners I have had in years. The portions were big, so my wife and I had nice size portions leftover. We put the delectable dishes in the back seat of the car and drove home. That night I dreamed about […]

Adele Spotted Out With Rumored Beau Skepta The dating rumors about Adele and Skepta are beginning to heat up again after the two were spotted shopping. Adele and her rumored boyfriend were spotted in the Prada store after she previously stated the two weren’t dating.  People Magazine reported that the two were an item back […]

There's a pill for everything and that is not a good thing

Virgin Galactic Launches Sweepstakes For Next Trip To Space Now that Richard Branson has officially flown to space and back, Virgin Galactic is offering the rest of us a chance to visit the stars. Branson’s company has announced a sweepstakes giving away two seats aboard one of its first commercial spaceflights.   Entry is free, and […]

Colonial was ordered to fix troubleshooting gaps across its entire network to prevent future spills. The major leak discovered at a wildlife refuge outside of Charlotte was not a first occurrence for the company. It was eventually reported that almost 18 times more gasoline leaked from its pipe than its original estimate,

He assumed maybe there were just a couple in there just to fill in.

The Medical Director of Infection Prevention for Atrium Health is not only one of the southeast's leading infectious disease experts, but has also been the face of Atrium's COVID-19 team over the last year. Passaretti was gracious enough to do a long-form interview in the Ty Boyd Studio.

The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie were spotted again over the weekend. The famous pair were seen at Mustafa The Poet’s private concert in Los Angeles.  A photo of the two was posted on Deuxmoi’s Instagram page. The Weeknd wore a denim jacket over a black t-shirt and black sunglasses, while Jolie wore a dark jacket […]

Patricia Heaton has been sober for three years. She shared the milestone on social media, saying, “It’s July when we celebrate our nation’s freedom. Also celebrating three years of freedom from alcohol for me.” She also said, “So, just wanted to share that with you. And message me if any of you are thinking about […]

Adele celebrated her home team on Sunday as she posted a photo of herself wearing a bright red England shirt. The singer has lost 98 pounds and looked amazing as she posed makeup-free and with England flag nails in support of England’s football team. “You did us so proud! You brought our game home and […]