There was a legal battle behind BTS and Megan the Stallion’s “Butter” remix, but that has been resolved, and the song will drop Friday. She previously sued her label for not letting her release the song.  They reportedly said the song was “not good for her career.” Megan said in a complaint, “They have no […]

What’s better than a free donut? How about 2 free donuts?! Krispy Kreme is now offering two free donuts, per day, to customers who present a valid vaccination card. The double freebie deal runs through September 5. Krispy Kreme had originally announced its free-donut promotion for vaccinated guests in March 2021, serving up one free […]

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively donated $10,000 to Hope For Haiti in an effort to provide quick relief for those in Haiti who are suffering following the earthquake that hit the country earlier this month. Reynolds and Lively’s donation will go to set up mobile clinics in hard-hit areas and to deliver dry food and […]

In 2015 a 21 year old Dylann Roof walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina where parishioners welcomed him in while in prayer only for Dylann Roof to slaughter them horrifically in cold blood.  Dylann Roof then when captured, unharmed, chose to defend himself in a court of law for the murderous hate […]

It’s with a heavy heart that we share, Ramona’s Mother, Louise “Wheezy” Holloway Glover passed away on August 24. Please keep Ramona Holloway in your thoughts and prayers! As Wheezy would say, NO SNOTTIN’ & CRYIN’! We’ll continue to entertain you as she would have want us to. Louise “Wheezy” Holloway Glover, of Belmont, N.C., […]

  Joe Rogan is lashing out about vax mandates.  He talked about his upcoming show in NYC and said, “I have a problem because I have a show there in Madison Square Garden in October, and I’ve already sold 13,000 tickets. And now they say that everybody has to be vaccinated, and I want everybody […]

  If you’re a fan of “Yellowstone” (ummm yessss), then you’re probably excited for its prequel, “1883”.  The series is based on the beginnings of the Dutton family and their journey from Texas to Montana. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are set to star as James and Margaret Dutton, the great-grandparents of John Dutton, who […]

As the rise in mental health awareness increases, teens are now pushing to get mental health days off from school. Some states like Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, and Virginia have implemented mental health days for students. A recent Harris Poll says that 78% of teens across the country say that schools should […]

Even though having a hot dog seems like the American way, it may be time to put them down.  


Wait, what? A younger Morpheus?! No wonder they didn't ask Lawrence Fishburne to reprise his role as Neo's Matrix. That one gotta sting.