North Carolina

The battle to fill Richard Burr's soon-to-be vacated seat has well-known politicians like Walker, along with outsiders such as Lara Trump dropping their names in the hat as the Republicans try to regain the majority back in the chamber they lost in November's election cycle.


Starting Monday, Feb. 15, Pre-K, elementary students, and some older with special needs will be put on a rotation between days in classrooms and virtual learning for CMS. This will be the same model for middle and high school students starting Feb. 22.

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Yara Shahidi has grown from the cute-as-a-button girl in commercials, to the beautifully grown woman we see on our TV screens today. The actress, advocate, and philanthropist has used her platform in a way that shows her growth and maturity as an innovative soldier in today’s society. In many cases, we’ve seen her use her […]


A campaign started by school teacher Rebecca Ivanov and the "CMS advocacy group for the in-person option" got over 2,000 parents and teachers to push for a traditional class option. Yard signs and billboards have gone up with the message that “Schools are safe and essential #InPersonOption #OpenCMS”


Virginia Marie Spencer, also known as Jenny Spencer, turned herself into authorities before her court appearance in Durham, N.C. on Monday, according to the FBI. She was interviewed by the FBI on Jan. 19 after the arrest warrant for her husband, Christopher Raphael Spencer, was issued on Jan. 18.

Have you heard?  Democrats are proposing a bill that will give parents of children under 6 years old $3,600 per year.  Also, parents of children that are 6 to 17 years old will get $3000 per year.  That breaks down to $300-$250 payments per month.  Click here to read more.


"Not everyone is a born leader," says Doherty. "But EVERYONE can become a better leader. Whether coaching a sport, running a company, or leading your family there are skills that can be developed to put you and your organization in a position for success.” A lot of noise was made around the fact that The Weeknd spent $7M of his own money to put on a Super Bowl halftime show that was truly inline with his vision. I personally thought the show was dope, but what did you think? Here’s some reaction from the Twitter world! Here’s Why […]

The Big Game didn’t live up to expectations as Tom Brady won his 7th ring in convincing fashion over the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes fought as hard as he could, but it was the Buccaneers defense that deserves a bulk of the credit. Hate it or Love it? Twitter Reacts to The Weeknd’s Super […]