For many years I was vegetarian, and even vegan for a little bit. I made the mistake of thinking that was a healthier lifestyle for me without doing any of the research behind what that meant. Being a vegetarian or vegan does not always mean you are healthy. Ideally, it means you are consuming […]

A meme of Matt LeBlanc has Irish Twitter calling the “Friends” star the epitome of an Irish uncle.  The meme was captured while LeBlanc sat with his arms crossed and a curious look on his face during the “Friends” reunion show. Several Irish men and women took to Twitter to explain that LeBlanc’s look reminded […]

Florida boy swims for an hour to get help for endangered family. A 7-year-old Florida boy is being hailed a hero after he swam for an hour to get help for his family following a boating accident. The incident happened Friday night when the boy, Chase Poust, was fishing with his dad and 4-year-old sister, […]

Amy Schumer spent the holiday weekend taking in the blockbuster hit, “A Quiet Place II” which stars John Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt.  Schumer gave her review and joked about Krasinski and Blunt’s marriage with a post to social media that read: “I loved every second of @aquietplacemovie even better than the first one […]

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Taylor Swift sold over 40-thousand copies of the album in the U.S. in the first three days of its release

Cookout season is here. Enjoy the ribs and potato salad responsibly by not breaking these 5 rules. Do NOT show up empty-handed. Bring something for the hosts to enjoy or put something on the table. At the very least stop by the store and pick up some beverages. Do NOT roll up with your entire […]

Regal Phillps Place in South Park closing its doors.

Have you ever come in close contact with a major celebrity?  How’d that go down…were they pleasant and friendly or not so much.  Recently at TikToker wanted to see how many rude interactions the general public has had with celebs, and the people delivered! Posts flooded in with stories of celebrities being not so nice […]

  Gwen Stefani Hits Back At ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Claims For ‘Racist’ Japanese Videos. Gwen Stefani is defending her inclusion of Japanese girls in her videos and in her live shows.  “If we didn’t buy and sell and trade our cultures in, we wouldn’t have so much beauty, you know?” Stefani said of her Harajuku girls. […]

  Channing Tatum shows it all with Sandra Bullock in new movie. Channing Tatum recently showed the world his naked body. He wrote in the caption, “You know when you in the make-up trailer a–hole naked holding a towel over your junk you about to do some s— onset that you gonna have to prepare […]