Lots of men rep their favorite NFL team in their dating profiles. Is their favorite team’s jersey a warning sign of toxic things to come? Some fanbases tend to have more angerballs in their ranks than others.   1. Let’s start by saying I’m too afraid to even rate Las Vegas Raiders fans. They bask […]

Plot twist- Wilmore Funeral Home doesn't exist. The advertisement was actually created by an advertising agency in Charlotte, BooneOakley.

During a recent ultrasound appointment, Ashley Graham received some shocking news. Are you serious, we’re going to have three boys? Ashley said during her appointment. That’s right the model is having twin boys. Their first son Menelik was born in January 2020. Do twins run in your family? What’s the coolest thing about having a […]

Seth Rogan exhibited what many of us are as we enter back into society as the coronavirus pandemic continues to dictate our daily lives. While on stage at the Emmys, Seth ranted about the lack of COVID precautions at the event saying, “Let me start by saying there is way too many of us in […]

You can’t have good mental health with poor brain health and a healthy thinker affects everything we do. On this episode of “Hey Girl, Let’s Talk” Ramona Holloway from Mix 107.9 sits down with three daughters who ALWAYS have brain health on the mind. They are all survivors of at least one parent with dementia. […]

Poop’d scoop. Scoopidity poopidity poop! And there was plenty of it on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona. Ramona had amazing time in UPTOWN over the weekend except for one part; crap in an elevator. Ewww! Plus we talk about reasons why guys say “You deserve better” and somehow that leads to […]

  According to executive producers, a second season of The Queen’s Gambit is not happening.  Fresh off the series winning 11 Emmys at the Emmy Awards, executive producers broke the news that the show wasn’t returning during an interview. I feel like we told the story we wanted to tell, said Scott Frank. I’m terrified […]

  Let’s talk about Magnesium. We’ve all heard of it…it’s an element we know we need, yet most of us are deficient. Holly Haze explains why, “We used to be able to get this mineral in good, clean water; however, over time, city water systems have filtered it out. In addition, many people have been […]


Another student has been charged with bringing a gun to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg school. According to police, the incident happened Monday at West Charlotte High School. No further details were provided by CMPD. In just 17 days of class, this marks the eighth weapon— seven guns and a knife— to be found on school property.

UNC Charlotte announced a new COVID-19 cluster was confirmed on the campus. The University said Sunday, September 19 that six students living on campus and off-campus housing have reported contracting COVID. The students are isolated and received appropriate medical care. The University said they are notifying all close contact to quarantine and get tested. This […]