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Charlotte, North Carolina beyond the trees

Source: Photo by Mike Kline (notkalvin) / Getty

U.S. News & World Report rated Charlotte as one of the greatest locations to live in America.

Charlotte was placed eighth overall on the list of the finest cities to live in 2023-24. Also, U.S. News & World ranked the Queen City #62 best place to retire and #2 best place to live in North Carolina.

This year’s ranking looked over the country’s 150 most populous metropolitan regions on how well they satisfy Americans’ living standards, using sources including the U.S. Census Bureau, the FBI, the U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. News’ own internal resources. Value, employment market, attractiveness, and quality of life were among the ranking criteria. For more details [click here]…

Overall Rating: 6.7

  • 7.4 Desirability
  • 7 Value
  • 6 Job Market
  • 6.4 Quilty of Life
  • 6.4 Net Migration

The full list of best places to live in 2023-2024:

1. Green Bay, Wisconsin

Downtown Green Bay Wisconsin Skyline Source:Getty

Green Bay is a city in and the county seat of Brown County in the U.S. state of Wisconsin, at the head of Green Bay, a sub-basin of Lake Michigan no people,photography,horizontal,usa,outdoors,cityscape,wisconsin,downtown district,midwest usa,green bay,urban skyline

2. Huntsville, Alabama

Sunset Elevated View of Apartment Buildings at Big Spring Park Downtown Huntsville, Alabama at Sunset Source:Getty

High Angle View of Downtown Huntsville, Alabama at Sunset, Near the lakes of Big Spring Park between Madison Street and Monroe Street in Madison County color image,no people,photography,horizontal,usa,finance,outdoors,water,business,aerial view,travel,high angle view,city,cityscape,north america,skyscraper,sunlight,modern,built structure,dusk,architecture,springtime,building exterior,gulf coast states,green color,tree,sunset,famous place,treelined,downtown district,tourism,apartment,lake,town,southern usa,fountain,lush foliage,pond,natural parkland,south,gentrification,urban skyline,finance and economy,public park,townscape,scenics – nature,huntsville – alabama,alabama – us state,big spring,von braun center

3. Raleigh & Durham, NC

Sun Glinting on Downtown Office Towers in Raleigh, NC - Aerial Source:Getty

Aerial shot of office buildings in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina at sunset on a clear evening in Fall, with rich autumn leaf color visible on the trees in the background. color image,photography,horizontal,usa,outdoors,business,day,aerial view,flying,city,cityscape,skyscraper,modern,street,dusk,architecture,building exterior,tower,city street,sunset,downtown district,autumn,above,financial district,southern usa,urban skyline,office building exterior,north carolina – us state,business finance and industry,wake county,drone point of view,raleigh – north carolina,autumn leaf color

4. Boulder, Colorado

Trail sign post near the top of Bear Peak, looking down on Boulder, Colorado. Source:Getty

Trail sign post near the top of Bear Peak, looking down on Boulder, Colorado. color image,no people,photography,horizontal,usa,blue,distant,outdoors,high angle view,sign,city,cityscape,sky,tree,colorado,looking down,mountain,symbol,mountain peak,autumn,above,boulder – colorado,directional sign,rock – object,post – structure,trail marker

5. Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota Source:Getty

A sunset on buildings in Sarasota, Florida color image,photography,people,horizontal,usa,outdoors,water,travel,cityscape,medium group of people,architecture,gulf coast states,downtown district,bay of water,sarasota,urban skyline,florida – us state

6. Naples, Florida

Aerial Shot of Suburban Homes in Naples, Florida Source:Getty

Aerial shot of waterfront homes in Naples, Florida on a clear sunny day Authorization was obtained from the FAA for this operation in restricted airspace. color image,no people,photography,horizontal,usa,outdoors,water,aerial view,flying,high angle view,house,conformity,built structure,building exterior,gulf coast states,american culture,residential district,repetition,development,above,housing problems,suburb,housing development,urban sprawl,gulf of mexico,residential building,middle class,detached house,florida – us state,naples – florida,collier county,tract housing

7. Portland, Maine

Man unloading his boat into Portland harbor in South Portland, Maine USA Source:Getty

SOUTH PORTLAND,MAINE USA:A man unloads a small fishing boat into Portland harbor at Bud Light Park in South Portland, Maine USA with other sailboats and boaters in the harbor enjoying the day during the 2020 Covid-19 virus pandemic color image,photography,people,one person,horizontal,usa,luxury,nature,outdoors,water,cloud – sky,travel,nautical vessel,lifestyles,city,cityscape,travel destinations,leisure activity,horizon,sky,incidental people,recreational pursuit,horizon over water,tranquil scene,beauty in nature,seascape,panoramic,tranquility,dramatic sky,atlantic ocean,season,autumn,coastline,waterfront,harbor,bay of water,sailboat,new england – usa,maine,pier,moored,fishing,recreational drug,motorboat,sailing,infectious disease,portland – maine,historical reenactment,scenics – nature,fishing boat,landscape – scenery,mast – sailing,covid-19,active lifestyle,fisher – role,boat ramp

8. Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina beyond the trees Source:Getty

A row of trees stretch across the foreground with the city of Charlotte, North Carolina standing tall in the background under a clear blue sky. color image,no people,photography,horizontal,usa,nature,blue,outdoors,travel,clear sky,city,cityscape,skyscraper,built structure,architecture,sky,springtime,building exterior,sunny,viewpoint,tree,city life,treelined,downtown district,charlotte – north carolina,southern usa,sports venue,urban sprawl,urban skyline,north carolina – us state,scenics – nature,landscape – scenery

9. Colorado Springs, CO

Aerial View of Colorado Springs with Autumn Colors Source:Getty

Aerial View of Colorado Springs with Autumn Colors color image,photography,horizontal,usa,outdoors,beauty,aerial view,travel,high angle view,cityscape,summer,colorado,famous place,panoramic,mountain,downtown district,colorado springs,aspen – colorado,earl,scenics – nature,pikes peak summit – colorado

10. Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fayetteville Arkansas Drone View Source:Getty

Aerial view of Fayetteville Arkansas town square. color image,no people,photography,horizontal,outdoors,old-fashioned,aerial view,travel,high angle view,retail,city,cityscape,road,travel destinations,street,built structure,architecture,university,building exterior,store,campus,tree,city street,city life,famous place,restaurant,symbol,shopping,town square,downtown district,road intersection,tourism,apartment,above,town,small town america,parking,southern usa,real estate,small town,arkansas,fayetteville – arkansas,retail place,urban skyline,drone,university of arkansas,main street,ozark mountains,rooftop