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Former President Trump Addresses The North Carolina GOP Convention

Source: Melissa Sue Gerrits / Getty

Former President Donald Trump resoundingly lost the 2020 election, and he still can’t let that hurt go. The loser President was the speaker at the GOP convention in North Carolina last night, but what’s making more news than his usual diarrhea of the mouth are the struggle pants he was rocking.

To many observers, the Orange Menace looked like he was wearing his pants backwards. Do you see a zip fly anywhere?

Also, the case can be said that Treasonous Trump was rocking adult diapers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but for an egomaniac like Trump, any sort of jab at his health would surely enrage, and Twitter was happy to oblige.

As for the speech, he did the usual whining and even mentioned the country moving backwards. Nothing to see here beyond what would make his base of racists and sexists steeped in white grievance happy. They guy is consistent with the foolishness in that regard.

Social media has been going in on Diaper Don and his Trump Pants ever since his trash speech, with the hashtags to proved. We assembled some of the best and most slanderous jokes, for archival purposes.

See below.

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6. We see what he did there…