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The Office - Season 7

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The greatest debate of 2021 is whether or not people should be vaccinated to protect themselves from one of this decade’s most life-threatening viruses. The issue has people discussing their beliefs on and off of social media. Most recently, a viral tweet had fans of The Office hypothesizing how characters would react to a mandatory vaccination.

Twitter user, @tumi213 tweeted, “Imagine an episode of The Office where they all have to get vaccinated.” Several fans responded with their predictions on how each character would respond.

Many jobs are now requiring employees to show proof of vaccination to return to work. Similarly, airlines, events and concerts are implementing the same policy to encourage people to protect themselves and others against coronavirus and its newer variants. Though the conversation has sparked an interesting debate, it has caused an unfortunate divisiveness between those that believe the vaccination is helpful and those who do not.

The viral Twitter thread has provided users with a bit of comic relief in a time of desperation and division. From Michael’s infamous, twisted sense of reality to Stanley’s disdain for his workplace, these tweets are spot-on and The Office should consider hiring some of these users as writers for future shows. Some of the tweets are honestly too good for tv.

Check out this thread of our favorite responses if The Office released an episode around a required vaccination.

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1. Michael Says “Safety First”


2. He’s Proactive?


3. Double Dosage


4. Did Someone Say Free?




6. A Likely Situation


7. Stanley’s Safer At Home


8. A Win Win


9. Toby-19


10. Poor Dwight


11. Then Again, Dwight’s A Menace


12. He Has A Point Here


13. Twitter’s Our Favorite Too