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Sick Immigrants Isolate At Home During Recovery From Suspected COVID-19 Cases

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If you’re a person of a certain age or grew up a particular way, the phrase “put some Vicks on it” will feel quite familiar. Vicks, the company that produces the VapoRub and other related products, found itself trending and folks on Twitter are sharing how Vicks and VapoRub is basically the world’s best cure-all ever.

By way of a viral tweet, Twitter user @wickettred shared that she’s been using Vicks on her son as he battles an ailment and notes that the jar of VapoRub is fresh from the 1980s.

“My son has been sick (not Covid) and shout out to my mom, who loaned us the SAME pot of Vicks she used to use on me growing up. Expiration date 1-87,” @wickettred tweeted.

The tweet blew up and prompted other folks to share their history with the Vicks product lineup, especially how some use the stuff to get over a head or chest cold in the cooler months of fall and winter. As it stands, the replies also shared how Vicks is used outside of the United States and how in Germany, the name Vicks isn’t used because it’s kind of close to a naughty word in that part of the world.

As we noted earlier, people of certain ages and economic experiences will remember full well the familiar menthol scent of Vicks VapoRub and all of its sinus and chest cavity opening powers. Many a sniffly and stuffy night has been eased with a chest slathered down with copious amounts of Vicks and a nice line on your top lip to get the stuff to unclog your nose.

Check out all the tweets below.

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