Brad Pitt recently said he was on the “last leg” of his career, and now he’s doing some damage control on any type of retirement talk.  When asked about the comment Pitt said, “I really have to work on my phrasing.”  “I’m past middle age and I want to be specific about how I spend […]

It seems that someone has been chosen to play the lead role in the biopic about pop music legend Madonna. Reports are swirling that Ozark star Julia Garner, who played Ruth Langmore, has been offered the role to play the Material Girl in the biopic to be directed by Madonna herself. She was chosen over […]

Robert Pattinson Explains How His Batman is Different Than Past Versions! Robert Pattinson is sharing how his version of Batman is different than the other versions.  He said, “I had no idea that Matt [Reeves] had seen ‘Good Times’ and thought, ‘I want to do a really dirty, dirty, slimy Batman.'” Director Matt Reeves also talked […]

  Sandra Bullock’s “The Unforgivable” Becomes Her Second Film in All-Time Top 10. Sandra Bullock and Netflix have proven once again to be a great team. Her latest Netflix film, The Unforgivable, made it into Netflix’s Top 10 Most Popular films list. The film joins her other movie, Bird Box which is also a Netflix Top 10. Sandra Bullock […]

NOOOO! Ryan Reynolds has decided to take a break from making movies after wrapping up his latest film, “Spirited”. Reynolds shared that he is “just trying to create a little bit more space for my family and time with them”. The actor said that even though he won’t be filming for a little while, he’ll […]

Nicolas Cage recently had a hell of a night out drinking in Las Vegas. He reportedly was at Lawry’s Prime Rib near The Strip, and after drinking tequila and whiskey, he had a public outburst. This led to him sitting on a sofa outside, sounding incoherent. He was also shoeless and mistaken for a homeless […]

  Kristen Stewart appears as Princess Diana in Brand New ‘Spencer’ Trailer. Kristen Stewart is portraying ‘Princess Diana’ in the new movie ‘Spencer’. Fans are gushing over Kristen’s performance in the brand new trailer of ‘Spencer’ that was released. The film portrays Diana’s life during her divorce from Prince Charles and isn’t based on factual […]

  Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy lands a big movie role in a new comedy film. Annie Murphy is back to star in a new comedy movie called ‘Witness Protection’. Two Schitt’s Creek writers are lending their skills for this project and found that Annie Murphy would be perfect for the role. Her character is […]