A 'Golden Girls' Themed Pop-Up Restaurant Is Coming To New York City After big success in L.A., the events platform Bucket Listers is bringing the ‘Golden Girls’ Kitchen to New York City. Starting next month, the "fully immersive pop-up restaurant takes fans of all ages to 1980s Miami, safely transporting them into the world of their favorite golden gals."

Ok, admit it… this one would be cool to buy and own!! The California home that Betty White and her husband built is up for sale.  Betty and her husband Allen Ludden only lived in the home for a few months before he passed away.  The home has four bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms along with […]

A LOT of people took the Betty White Challenge on Monday. According to Today, many rescue organizations have been reporting the number of donations received on the late star’s birthday. An animal shelter in Florida claimed they raised $50 thousand from donations. The Los Angeles Zoo, meanwhile, was a favorite organization of White and announced […]

An observation has been made and we want to know your thoughts! HBO MAX’s, continuation of Sex and the City, “And Just Like That…” is wildly popular and are relating to middle aged women everywhere. The characters though, are now the same as the characters were on “The Golden Girls”. SAY WHAT?? The two shows […]

The legendary Betty White died from a stroke. According to White’s death certificate, the cause is listed as a cerebrovascular accident that she suffered almost a week before she died. Cerebrovascular accident is a loss of blood flow to part of the brain, resulting in brain tissue damage. Sources say that White was coherent after […]

By now we all know that comedic legend Betty White has passed away at 99 years old. As a way to honor not only her, but her love for animals, #BettyWhiteChallenge has begun trending on social media. On what would have been Betty’s 100th birthday January 17th, Fans are asked to donate$5 or more to […]

Betty White’s cause of death has been revealed. The rumor circulating was that her passing came as a result of a COVID booster shot, but in a statement, White’s agent Jeff Witjas ended that rumor. “People are saying her death was related to getting a booster shot three days earlier, but that’s not true. She […]