Brian Laundrie


The FBI has confirmed what most people connected to the Gabby Petito murder investigation already suspected: The human remains discovered in Florida on Wednesday are, in fact, Brian Laundrie’s. The remains — which investigators describe as “skeletal” — were found alongside a notebook and backpack belonging to Laundrie, who’d been on the run since September […]

The search for Brian Laundrie continues – with Laundrie’s own father now helping with the effort. Chris Laundrie will reportedly assist law enforcement after a ‘recent campsite’ was found in the Carlton Nature Preserve – the place Laundrie was allegedly heading when he disappeared last month. Laundrie is considered a person of interest in the […]


TikToker Justin Shepherd is getting serious about finding Gabby Petito’s killer and he’s pressing Brian Laundrie’s parents for answers to where their son is. Shepherd rented a two-engine plane to display the message, “Justice 4 Gabby – TikTok Times up,” to fly over Brian Laundrie’s parent’s home. “It came up on one of my TikTok […]

Since joining the manhunt for Brian Laundrie, Dog the Bounty Hunter says he’s received more than 1,000 tips regarding the 23-year-old’s whereabouts. “We’ve gotten over 1,000 leads, so we’re going through all those leads,” says Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman. “I would say within 48 hours, we probably will have a location where […]