Do you see people do things in parking lots that drive you crazy? Lifehacker asked their readers to give them their unwritten rules of parking lot etiquette. A few of the parking lot etiqutte rules are very obvious like don’t park in a handicap spot, put your shopping cart away, and follow the arrows that […]

Matt & Ramona are TERRIBLE! A Reporter in West VA was struck by a car on LIVE TV and they laughed… Yet, the way the reporter was so cheery and the way her anchor had no idea what was going on… It was hard not to get in a chuckle. Get ready to cry from […]

In West Virginia, A Reporter by the name of Tori Yorgey, was just doing her job; making sure the public got updates they would need in order to be aware in their community. Then as she is reporting something shocking occurred! She was STRUCK by a car on LIVE TV!!!! Luckily, she was not harmed. […]

    Back in the day, if we saw today’s cars and the dashboards that came in them we would think it a design from a strange futuristic movie set ( oh you know, like a DeLorean from Back to the Future!) and The Jetsons! Our cars today come with every whistle and bell. Some […]

  A friend of mine (about 40 ish) loved the TV show Knight Rider and is now obsessed with finding a KITT car. He has bought 2 similar Trans Ams and is attempting to restore one using parts from the other. It was definitely a favorite for us! Who didn’t want a talking car with […]