Adele has a net worth of about $220 million, and she has invested her money in acquiring some of the most luxurious automobiles ever made.  Adele’s car collection is full of exciting vehicles, from fast SUVs to luxury cars. Here is an idea of just some of what this incredible artist parks in her […]


GasBuddy examined drives in the top 50 cities in the United States, looking for fast acceleration, hard braking and speeding. Then they made a list of the cities with the “naughtiest” and “nicest” holiday season drivers. The NICE LIST is:  Portland, Oregon . . . Cincinnati, Ohio . . . Seattle . . . Las […]


A recent survey of Gen Zers and millenials found that the number one reason they decide to get a new car is when the upkeep is more expensive than their budget allows (39%). The number two reason is a bit surprising. That reason is when there are too many strange sounds or odors (38%). The […]

Used Car Prices Expected To Keep Going Up Used car prices have been surging in 2021 – and analysts think the trend might be here to stay. Used vehicle prices went up 1.9% in November and 2.5% in October – twice as fast as the cost of new vehicles. Part of the reason?  Fewer used […]