Happy National Pet Day !  Two-thirds of us have at least one pet at home, according to the Dogs and cats are the most common, followed by fish, birds, rodents, reptiles, and horses. 97% of us think of their fur-babies as “part of the family.”  But we definitely get a little more creative NAMING them […]

  The local shelter, Animal Care & Control at 8315 Byrum Drive, is undergoing renovations to bring it up to code. This puts the dogs at great risk and the over-crowding was a terrible issue before the construction began. Help us help these sweet dogs and cats (and pigs, guinea pigs, gerbils and rabbits). Meet […]

  The Clear the Shelters event is all set to go for this Saturday at Animal Care and Control at 8315 Byrum Drive from 11-5. The shelter has been over capacity for most of 2023 and the numbers have been climbing every week. This is the biggest adoption event of the year and we are […]

A Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) driver and a passenger are both injured after having a shootout during a ride on May 18.

American Humane celebrates the oldest commemorative week in U.S. history, the 108th “Be Kind to Animals Week.” This week invites people of all ages to engage and help make the world a kinder place for animals. The CEO of American Humane said, “The commemorative week provides people with the opportunity to contemplate the bigger picture […]

All are welcome! Pets, people, animal lovers and friends can all join Ramona and Liz at Humane Society of Charlotte’s fundraising walk and community festival. It’s Saturday, April 1 from 11am to 3pm at their Animal Resource Center. While rain is expected to start the monring, it’s forecasted to move out of area before noon. […]


In a new poll, 51% of pet owners say they think they could sell merchandise of their pet to other people.  And 33% of pet owners have ALREADY designed their own pet “merch.” That may seem high . . . and delusional . . . but 36% of pet owners have set up dedicated social […]


It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time to wrap things up.  And what better way than to enjoy the best tweets about cats and dogs from 2022? HuffPost has rounded up a list.  Some of the best ones include: “my dog sighs a lot for somebody who doesn’t’ contribute to this house […]


Cat owners say their cats have one of five personalities. The cat personalities and the percentage of cat owners who believe their cat has that personality. 60% say their cat is a “graffiti artist”, prone to scartching on everything 53% believe their cat is a “revenge seeker”, they hunt downtoys and hiss at the outside […]

sings EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A CAT! Except for Ramona! On this episode of OFF AIR, Ramona’s cousin is apparently the new Snow White and has invited some new feline friends that have over stayed their welcome. Plus, were talking how many condiments do you really need on a sandwich on this hairball of an […]