Guess what celebrity we found out use to live in Charlotte? On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, we talk about our name doppelgangers! How many Ramona’s do you know? Plus, NICK CANNON use to live in Quail Hollow of Charlotte? WHO KNEW! Have a life with us on this hilarious episode […]

There are lots of awe-inspiring public holiday light displays like Christmas Town USA but there are several places where you can find elaborate decorations to celebrate the season with giving.    HOLY ANGELS See the angels on Sunday, December 19th from 6pm-8pm at Holy Angels in Belmont. One hundred angels and hundreds of luminaries make up […]

Ever had a salesperson be rude to you about purchasing an item? Well Ramona’s friend dealt with it on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona. Let’s just say Ramona is a SAINT in this rude encounter at a store with her friend. SEE! NOW WE NEED A MANGER!  Plus Matt has a […]

Ramona shares a story of how angry she was when she and one of her good friends decides to visit a retail store. They come across an employee at the retail store who was very rude and disrespectful by assuming they couldn’t afford something, not to mention she asks Ramona a very sensitive question!

Authorities need our help as the search continues for 44 year old Adrian Vancleave and his four year old son, Lincoln. The pair was supposed to meet Lincoln’s mom after pick-up at Denver Christian Academy yesterday. They haven’t been seen since yesterday. Adrian’s wife says this isn’t the first time her husband has gone missing […]

A Catawba County high schooler’s dream of becoming homecoming queen coming true is the viral video out of Hickory that you need to see. 18-year-old Queen Marlee Kale is a senior at Saint Stevens High School.  Even though she has downs syndrome, the obstacles she faces don’t stop her from sharing a sweet smile with everyone […]

1. Funeral services were held yesterday in New York for Gabby Petito, the 22-year-old blogger whose murder while on a cross-country adventure fueled intense interest across the nation and spurred a manhunt for her missing fiancé and now wanted man. Locally the family of 41 year old Deidre Reid believes her case is similar to Petito’s. […]

Poop’d scoop. Scoopidity poopidity poop! And there was plenty of it on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona. Ramona had amazing time in UPTOWN over the weekend except for one part; crap in an elevator. Ewww! Plus we talk about reasons why guys say “You deserve better” and somehow that leads to […]

After only doing his True Crime podcast since June of 2021, Matt has been getting a lot of attention for his podcast. Yesterday Matt made a special appearance on CNN to talk about it. However Ramona noticed something happened towards the end & Matt explains what took place, only in a MATT HARRIS fashion.

On this segment of the Matt & Ramona Show, there is a weird yet funny discussion about a mans nipples. Lately Ramona has been seeing a large number of men posting on social media with their nipples out. There are even different shirts that will allow a man to show his nipples. Check out this […]