Google released a list of the top dating red flags we’ve been googling over the past year.  Do you think these five things are a big deal? 1.  Saying “I Love You” too soon.  If they say it a month in, maybe.  If they say it on your first date, definitely. 2.  Watching true crime.  If they […]


Are you gearing up for a big spring clean?  If not, you might die alone.  (???)  A new survey for spring cleaning season looked at various chores and run-of-the-mill things we apparently find ATTRACTIVE now. Single people between 18 and 45 were polled.  Here are five unexpected activities you might want to add to your […]

What are you doing for your birthday Max? Well.. hopefully not taking bad dating advice from Matt & Eric. On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Max is celebrating his 23rd birthday and Matt’s giving him some bad advice about girls. Also, Matt & Ramona talk about different things you fear as […]