We all gets aches and pains, especially as we get older. Over the counter (OTC) medicine for any and every ailment is readily available at any drug or grocery store, making it hard to say no to immediate relief if we are in pain. With that being said, even if you have to resort to […]

He impregnated her with his own sperm in a 1977 procedure.

  You, or someone you know, has probably had their gallbladder removed. This is a topic that makes Holly Haze fired up and she will tell you why….but let’s start with this: Consult your physician if you are experiencing discomfort. A cholecystectomy isĀ one of the most common surgeries in the United States. Holly shares, “Sadly, […]

You can’t go to any store or restaurant without seeing the words gluten-free. Suddenly it was this big fad, but is it for the right reason? Gluten-free does not mean healthy, much like plant-based/vegan does not mean healthy. There is also a difference between gluten-free and grain free, and for Holly Haze it is a […]