The Murdaugh Moselle property was in the name of Maggie Murdaugh. The land and buildings were sold. The items from the hoome were auctioned off. Aubrey Dempsey attended the auction of items from Maggie Murdaugh’s Moselle estate. There were some interesting items auctioned off and some pretty hefty price tags. Before the Alex Murdaugh trial […]

A documentary based on the legendary Michael Jackson album Thriller is really going to happen.  Currently, the doc has no title, but the project will be a collaboration between Sony Music Entertainment and the estate of Michael Jackson.  Since its release 40 years ago, Thriller has sold nearly 100 million copies worldwide, won eight Grammys, […]

  Channel FX and The New York Times have collaborated for the new documentary series called ‘The New York Times Presents” with a special feature titled ‘Elon Musk’s Crash Course.’ The documentary will, “investigate Tesla’s Autopilot program, which has resulted in several deaths that the company and Elon have yet to acknowledge publicly,” and feature […]

Jennifer Lopez Netflix Doc Selected As Tribeca Opening Night Film Jennifer Lopez’s Netflix Documentary “Halftime” has been selected as the Tribeca Film Festival’s Opening Night Film.  The premiere will take place at United Palace in Washington Heights in upper Manhattan, near where Jennifer is from. Earlier last week, Jennifer Lopez announced that she was engaged […]

  A new documentary on Sheryl Crow is coming in May. The trailer for “Sheryl” came out the same day it showed at the 2022 SXSW Film Festival, Friday, March 11. The full documentary will air on Showtime on Friday, May 6th, and will feature tour footage and interviews from Crow and close friends, Keith […]

According To New Study According to a recent study, “The Blair Witch Project” has the “highest scare score”. Holly Haze agrees!! “I don’t like scary movies to begin with, but this faux documentary left my heart racing. I was so scared”. The research consisted of analyzing reviews on IMDB for the top 25 highest-grossing horror […]

  The Weeknd Teases Upcoming Documentary on Showtime! The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance is coming to Showtime. The documentary will follow the behind-the-scenes leading up to his Super Bowl performance. If you didn’t see the half-time show, it raised many questions leading up to the event. Social media was all aflutter about The Weeknd having […]

  TONIGHT!!!!! A new documentary that reveals the secrets behind The Beatles has made its way to Hulu. “McCartney 3,2,1” finds Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin sitting down to discuss the behind-the-scenes magic surrounding the legendary group. McCartney reveals their album, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” would’ve never been a thing if it hadn’t […]