Not only is Dina, a German shorthaired pointer working for the TSA in Las Vegas, good at sniffing out explosive devices; she’s pretty darned cute, too. The 3-year-old pooch has been named the Transportation Security Administration’s “Cutest Canine of 2023,” beating out three other finalists for the title, the TSA has announced. The victory means […]

It all started with a dog named Taco. Now our very own evening jock, Holly Haze, is making a difference in our community. Here is how it all started in Holly’s own words. “Honestly, I had no idea just a few short months ago that I would be volunteering so much of my time to […]

  While the loss of a pet can have a profound impact on its owners, it can also affect other pets in the house, a new study reveals. The University of Milan study, released Thursday, found that dogs display behavioral changes similar to humans after losing canine companions. “Overall, dogs were reported to play and […]

Budweiser Gets The Emotions Going with Clydesdale-Canine Super Bowl Commercial The new Budweiser ad premiered during the TODAY show Wednesday morning. This years commercial is titled “A Clydesdale’s Journey.”  The ad features a dog and horse who both experience sadness while being separated from one another after the Clydesdale is injured.  By the end of […]

*Bow Wow Wow Yippie Yo Yippie Ya* Snoop Dogg over the years has had made transformations but this post has NOTHING to do with that! It’s National Dress Up Your Dog Day! We know your dog isn’t just a pet, they’re a part of the family so let’s give them so awesome clothes that will […]

MATT & RAMONA MORNINGS! It’s @EricKelleyII’s TTMR (That’s Totally Matt & Ramona) COUNTDOWN of 2021! Counting down the best episodes of OFF AIR podcast in 2021 w/ Matt & Ramona! Bringing in the NEW YEAR with the FUNNY! Here’s #2 Beanies & Weenies  Guess who’s new stage name is Beanie Weenie! On this episode of […]

Bow wow wow! Hippy Yo, Hippy Psychic? On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Ramona is out an personal day so our very special friend Ashley Anderson from WCCB joins us and boy does she have a story! Her dog has been biting people and she called in a Dog Psychic to […]

    A fire erupted at a complex building that was about to take over this family’s home. Their family pit bull came to the rescue of their 7-month-old baby after the dog was barking and trying to pull the baby by her diaper to safety. The mother said their dog kept banging on the […]

Crews were able to rescue a dog from a likely death, after it was left trapped in a hot car in a parking lot at Walt Disney World. The pooch was discovered by another park visitor who heard it barking as she was getting ready to leave.  She called for help and waited in her […]