Duran Duran is releasing a new Halloween-themed album called ‘Danse Macabre.’ The thirteen track record features new songs, covers and reworked versions from the band’s back catalogue. Keyboardist Nick Rhodes explained, “The idea was born out of a show we played in Las Vegas on 31 Oct 2022. We had decided to seize the moment […]

Duran Duran has released a new video ahead of their album titled “Anniversary.” It features celebrity look-a-likes Daniel Craig, Elton John, Stormzy, Kim Kardashian and even Queen Elizabeth II. Duran Duran enjoys the party as their past and present selves. The video was directed by Alison Jackson and was shot at Belvoir Castle, an 11th-century […]

They are back and in a big way! Duran Duran releasing their 15 studio album.  Madison James talks with band member John Taylor about the new single and what the group has in store.  Duran Duran says ” After playing and working together for so long, we very much appreciate what ‘being together’ and ’staying […]

Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon sat down on the Billboard “Pop Shop Podcast” to discuss the band’s new single, “Invisible,” their new album, “Future Past,” and Duran Duran’s first hot 100 single to go number one. It’s been six years since Duran Duran released an album and 2021 marks the 40th anniversary of their first […]