Do you know the name your parents wanted to name you instead of the one you have? We’re sure it wasn’t “Buza”!  A couple were having marital troubles when it came to naming their unborn child. The father is a traditional dude, with traditional values. He wanted the baby to have a name with a […]

Have you ever meet someone with your same full name? Well Ramona Holloway has and let’s hope her name doppelganger is doing great things in this world.  That wasn’t the case for Bethany Farber. Bethany was traveling to go first her brother and goddaughter when she was aggressively taken in by the TSA of the […]

If loving you is wrong, WE DON’T NEED TO BE RIGHT! Ramona breaks it down what you need to get some nookie on Hump DAY! But some how they turned to Matt telling her to take her own advice and some how I got brought UP into this lovey dovey Eric’s Funny Moment of The […]

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone except, ME, Eric Kelley II! We played Magic Word On-Air and today’s word: LOVE! How did I miss “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” as one of the answers! The gays are going to my rainbow card as Matt & Ramona cracks up at me on Eric’s Funny Moment of The […]

Well I’ll be damned… Matthew might be smart than a fifth grader after all or is he??? Hmmm…. This hysterical moment of Matt & Ramona Mornings is brought to you by Words that make you sound smarter and trust me, you’ll learn and laugh the entire time! We’ll see you on traffic Tuesday! Listen & […]

The struggle bus is an understatement! We played feud today and NONE OF US could get this one! Expression with the word “High” in it… you won’t believe the actually answers and the answers given… Trust me, we’re a pathetic bunch today! Come and catch a laugh! We’ll see you tomorrow 6a-10a on the NEW […]

Matt wanted to talk about what people are spending their money on but somehow we ended up on get Max a new wardrobe! Ramona and myself lit up at the opportunity to help, then the tables turn with Ramona taking Max shopping! I wanna go shopping too! Matt suggest they’ll take me to therapy instead! […]

Matt & Ramona are TERRIBLE! A Reporter in West VA was struck by a car on LIVE TV and they laughed… Yet, the way the reporter was so cheery and the way her anchor had no idea what was going on… It was hard not to get in a chuckle. Get ready to cry from […]

Plays air guitar WOOOOAAAAHHHH WE’RE LIVING ON A PRAYER! Eh… not us but KIM DUFFY definitely was! Today’s funny moment comes from a terrible game of BLURT that Eric and Max did HORRIBLY ON! Kim Duffy came through as the victor and scored 2 tickets to go see BON JOVI! Listen and see why Eric […]