A new study found that the average person gives up trying to be trendy at the age of 35. Here are some other stats from the study: 1.  37% of people are overwhelmed by the volume and speed of fashion trends. 2.  38% don’t have the confidence to try the hottest styles. 3.  49% struggle […]

Matt And Ramona: Off Air

A new episode of the Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast has dropped. What fashion faux pas did Ramona commit that may have caused people to think she was a poser?  Her pain is your laughter gain…and it’s a lot of laughter. One take away is to read the ENTIRE invitation. Listen, laugh and share […]


If you love your Crocs, love them at home, not at work.  Workers were surveyed on what clothing they found inappropriate at work and Crocs finished in the top ten for men and women. You should also reconsider weearing gym clothes, jeans and flip flops. There is good news if you are a fan of […]

Matt wanted to talk about what people are spending their money on but somehow we ended up on get Max a new wardrobe! Ramona and myself lit up at the opportunity to help, then the tables turn with Ramona taking Max shopping! I wanna go shopping too! Matt suggest they’ll take me to therapy instead! […]

  Sequential Brands Group recently filed for bankruptcy and many of the brands they own the rights to are up for sale. Jessica Simpson’s family is planning on purchasing her brand for $65 million from the group. The company has already been in talks with the Simpson family lawyer and has come up with a […]

SHOPPING!!!!Now that I’ve got your attention, I need to remind you that it is tax free #BackToSchool shopping weekend in South Carolina. Everything a student might need to get back to the business of learning will be exempt from the 6% SC sales tax. Local taxes are wiped out too. A 6% off sale isn’t […]

Are you the definition of “cheugy”? Pronounced CHEW-jee, it’s a trendy way of saying that you’re off-trend. Confused? Check out @CheugLife on Instagram. Some see it as a Gen-Z way to throw shade at older generations. As a mature woman who has developed her own style over the years, I’m ready to embrace cheug and […]


Lots of folks in the Carolinas are heading back to the office after more than a year of working from home. Bank of America, the Queen City’s 4th largest employer, wants vaccinated employees back at the office after Labor Day. But will employees who’ve enjoyed the comfort of working in sweatpants return to uptown Charlotte […]

  Music in movies play a big role in setting the tone and some believe that the ’90s had some of the best movie soundtracks out there. Agreed! Here are some of the top songs that made it onto movie soundtracks: The Adventures of Ford Fairlane – Cradle of Love – Billy Idol  Young Guns […]

Justin Bieber Looks Dramatically Different As He Goes Shopping With Wife Hailey. Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey, have been spotted shopping in Paris. Justin has had various looks over the years, but it looks like he’s enjoying his buzz cut hairstyle and clean shaven appearance. Bieber’s buzz cut comes after he was criticized for […]