Lifestyle recently ranked 11 fast food places on the best ice cubes . . . and it’s just as strange as you’d imagine. Sonic is #1, with “perfect” ice.  They aren’t cubes, they’re “nuggets” that are “crunchable,” but are still hard enough that they don’t melt too quickly. Chick-fil-A is second, because their ice chills […]


McDonald’s released its annual report on the most popular menu items of the year.  The top three were French fries, cheeseburgers, and McChickens.  Fries were #1 in all 50 states. Thousands of Americans ate at least 100 BIG MACS this year. Over 5,000 people have ordered Big Macs or McNuggets at least 100 times.  And […]

This isn’t a trick: Wendy’s is giving out TREATS in the month of October! Every Friday in October, Wendy’s will throw in free food with the order of medium fries through their app. The free food changes each Friday: Dave’s Single, 10-piece nuggets, a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, and a Classic Chicken Sandwich. October also sees […]

Well just when you think the chicken sandwich war is over another restaurant joins in.  Taco Bell Is Taking Its Chicken Sandwich Taco National Taco Bell has entered the chat with their spin on the chicken sandwich. They have enlisted two college debate teams to settle the debate once and for all, is the Taco […]

Taco Bell Previewed Its Futuristic Drive-Thru Concept And It’s Absolutely Incredible Taco Bell is jumping into the future with the reveal of their plans for a “gravity-defying” drive thru system. The taco chain said in a statement that they will use a “proprietary lift system” that will send food from the kitchen to four drive […]

Best National French Fry Day Deals 2021 – McDonald’s, Burger King, And More It’s National Fry Day and several fast food chains and restaurants are giving awesome deals on the fried food. Here are some of the best deals for Fry Day 2021: Burger King – Large French fries for $1.00 Hardee’s – Sign up […]

Chick-Fil-A Chosen as America’s Top Fast Food Spot Chick-Fil-A still reigns supreme, according to data from American Customer Satisfaction Index. The results come from interviews with over 19 thousand customers who were asked to rank restaurants out of scores of 100. Chick-Fil-A ranked first with a score of 83, while places like Olive Garden, Longhorn […]

Some McDonald’s locations are going all out. After a TikTok user shared a video a couple of months ago of a McDonald’s employee cutting a sheet cake for customers, Delish did some research to see if cakes were really available at the fast-food spot — and they are. They state that the cakes aren’t on […]


I’ll be honest, when I think of Starbucks the word ‘healthy’ isn’t something that comes to mind.  I tend to think of sweet coffee drinks and that addicting lemon pound cake!  My Daughter is a fan of their Egg Bites, and those seem fairly healthy.  Lucky for us a nutritionist recently shared the healthiest and […]