A lot of young people are just finding out about this and feel cheated.  Did you know jalapeños are less spicy than they used to be? Your grandparents’ jalapeño had a lot more kick to it.  Then around 40 years ago, farmers intentionally started growing them to be bigger and less hot. Most of the […]


Put the fork down and take a breath! That’s the message people in long-term relationships want their significant others to hear. In a recent survey of Americans in a long-term relationship, 38 percent say if their partner eats too quickly it can be a deal-breaker. However; 49 percent stated they occasionally eat too fast. I […]

THE PULL! It’s the best cheesy part of Mac & Cheese and on this episode of OFF AIR we talk about a new delicious sandwich by Panera. It’s called the Grilled Mac&Cheese sandwich and Ramona is in heaven about it! But back at the ranch, Matt’s being negative about his new found successes and Ramona […]