What’s the top thing people OVERSHARE on social media?  A new poll looked into it, and the top answer probably won’t surprise you.  But the rest are interesting.  Here are the top ten things we overshare . . . 1.  Political views.  53% of us think people overshare about politics. 2.  Mundane daily life.  Like […]


Here’s a test to make you feel old . . . or young if you nail it.  Someone posted a list of the most popular abbreviations people use online. 1.  DM:  Direct message 2.  JK:  Just kidding 3.  BRB:  Be right back 4.  TBH:  To be honest 5.  IRL:  In real life 6.  NSFW:  Not […]


Etiquette experts discussed what are the rudest things you can do at a baby shower. Here are five off the list. Embarrassing the Honoree: “Remember it’s a baby shower, not a roast” Getting Drunk: Don’t get wasted! Don’t Share ChildBirth Horror Stories: “Avoid stories about difficult deliveries and hard labor issues” Going Off-Registry: “The new […]


A new poll found more than half of all the selfies we post online now include some sort of filter or effect . . . 52%, on average. They only polled Millennials and Gen Xers.  So selfies posted by Baby Boomers might drag that average down.  But they didn’t poll Gen Z either, and young […]


It’s another fun Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast episode. Ramona really really wants to go to her neighbor’s big game party! The problem is she has not been invited. Uh-Oh The gang talks about how she can go about getting an invite. There are many sad theories brought up. Listen to hear the conclusion […]


Two-thirds of single people say they’ve dumped someone over a highly specific turn-off. Here are the top ten deal-breakers we’d dump someone over. 1.  Body odor. 2.  Pretending to be more knowledgeable about something than they really are. 3.  Being rude to waiters. 4.  Living in filth. 5.  Being overbearing and rude in general. 6.  […]


The people at LoveHoney put together lists of the sexiest male and female names, mostly by reviewing the character names in hundreds of romantic movies and books. Since it sounds like they were focusing on frequency, the sexiest names are mostly common ones . . . not exotic, unique names. For men, Jack is #1, […]


What was the worst season of “Friends?” Looper surveyed 600 people around the U.S. about the lowest point of the “Friends” series by season. Of the ten seasons, one ranked above all as the absolute worst. The final season was the lowest of the low for fans. About 27% said Season 10 was the worst […]

Matt And Ramona: Off Air

The Matt and Ramona Show team discusses the petty reasons why people have decided not to date someone.  Petty reasons that caused people to stop dating someone include, chewing with their mouth open, a weird smelling house, and their date was a slow runner. Ramona and Liz reveal their own  “petty” dating list. The big […]


HuffPost talked to etiqutte experts and asked them the rudest things you can do before and during the holiday dinner. Here are a few.. NOT RSVP-ing – if you are invited, please tell the host if you are coming or not. Also, don’t just show up without the host knowing. IGNORING THE SCHEDULE – if […]