HuffPost talked to etiqutte experts and asked them the rudest things you can do before and during the holiday dinner. Here are a few.. NOT RSVP-ing – if you are invited, please tell the host if you are coming or not. Also, don’t just show up without the host knowing. IGNORING THE SCHEDULE – if […]

  In a new survey, 1,000 Americans were asked which delivery service has the most attractive couriers.  40% said Amazon, which is #1.  UPS (17%) is second, followed by FedEx (11%) . . . DHL and USPS were tied at just 5%. Some of it might have to do with the uniforms, since some people […]

It won’t work for everyone, since a lot of companies don’t give days off for all the holidays he chose.  And it’s based on having 18 vacation days a year, which is a lot.  But you don’t have to do all of them.  Here’s what he came up with . . . 1.  In January:  […]

Here’s something to help you out this weekend.  Someone asked bartenders to name annoying things customers do.  Here are a few things bartenders hate . . . 1.  When you open and close your tab a million times.  Be honest, you’re not just having one. 2.  When you order a drink, wait for them to […]

In this episode of the Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast, we discuss things the internet believes all men can agree on. Some of the ones we discussed.. ‘A slight tap to the berries is far worse than a slap to the twig.  (We discussed the “What’s the capital of Thailand joke) ‘The nod‘. The […]

The biggest shopping days of the year are coming up.  Black Friday is November 25th, and Cyber Monday is the 28th. In movies:  “Weird:  The Al Yankovic Story” with Daniel Radcliffe hits the Roku Channel this Friday . . . “Black Panther:  Wakanda Forever” hits theaters next Friday . . . the sequel to “A Christmas Story” called “A Christmas Story Christmas” hits HBO […]

The most popular types of costumes for adults are:  A fictional person or character, an animal or creature, and a historical figure.  15% are dressing up as “a concept” . . . 14% are going as an “object” . . . and 11% are dressing up as a person who’s still alive. Most people describe […]

Would you say you’re more or less AWKWARD than the average person?  A new poll on uncomfortable situations found one in four people think they’re MORE awkward than average. 26% of us think we’re more awkward . . . 25% say about average . . . 41% say less awkward . . . and 9% […]

  In this episode of the Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast we discover that, when it comes to technology, Matt and Ramona are dopes. Both of them have accidentally Facebook called, or Facetimed someone.  Those calls lead to uncomfortable (but hilarious) stories. Plus, Matt keeps sending texts to the wrong person. One time producer […]

A new study found that the average person gives up trying to be trendy at the age of 35. Here are some other stats from the study: 1.  37% of people are overwhelmed by the volume and speed of fashion trends. 2.  38% don’t have the confidence to try the hottest styles. 3.  49% struggle […]