If you’re still doing your holiday shopping and need some gift inspiration, Google can help. The search engine’s Holiday 100 Survey has revealed the top most searched gifts of the year. The top searches include: Hatch Restore: “Sound machine, sunrise alarm, smart light, meditation app, and an alarm clock in one” Zulay Milk Boss Motor Milk Frother […]

  Holiday Greeting Cards..are they a thing of the past? Every year, people used to wait in anticipation of the holiday cards in the mail. In the digital age, it was even more exciting since that usually meant a photo card. Then it was trying to one up your level of creativity each year…and for […]

It was only a matter of time…and just in time for the giving season…. The Squid Game phenomenon doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon.  Just in time for the holidays, the Funko Pop figures are based on the hit Netflix series.  Netflix Geeked took to Twitter to give fans a glimpse of the […]

Why You Should Start Saving for Christmas in September Halloween hasn’t arrived yet but here we are talking about Christmas. But for a good reason-to help you save money. The National Retail Federation found that consumers spent a total of $798.4 billion during the 2020 season. Up from 8.3% the year before. Waiting until November […]