Does your wife’s grocery list make you go BONKERS? Well on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Matt definitely had some “trouble” with Amy’s list. He only went for a few items, but somehow didn’t understand most of the list! Plus Ramona let’s us know what some of her superstitions are and […]

  Time and time again you hear the excuse of cost being a reason to not eat healthier. This is grossly exaggerated. When you actually KNOW about nutrition, you will know this first hand. If you don’t know…here’s some help from Holly Haze. “If you shop the periphery of a grocery store and stay away […]

  For many years I was vegetarian, and even vegan for a little bit. I made the mistake of thinking that was a healthier lifestyle for me without doing any of the research behind what that meant. Being a vegetarian or vegan does not always mean you are healthy. Ideally, it means you are consuming […]