A new poll asked over 1,000 Americans to rank at least 20 pies based on how much they’d like to see them on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Not surprisingly, Pumpkin pie was #1.  45% of people love it . . . 37% of people like it . . . and 23% of people named it […]

Here are five tips for transporting Thanksgiving food . . . 1.  Freeze food that’s delicate.  Just make sure you leave time for it to fully thaw out.  Things like pumpkin pie freeze well too.  Then it won’t melt in the car. 2.  If it’s a long drive, use a cooler.  Especially for stuff that can spoil.  […]

It’s that time of year when we all start gaining weight again.  But if you want to prevent it, or even lose a few pounds, here’s something easy that can help:  Start weighing yourself every day. You don’t need to obsess over a pound or two.  But research has found weighing yourself once a day […]

It turns out that eating highly processed foods can do more than cause weight loss and high blood pressure; it can put you in a grave before your time is up. That’s according to a study published in Monday’s edition of The American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Researchers found the 2019 deaths of 57,000 Brazil residents between the […]

The Charlotte Walk to End Alzheimer’s brought 2,250 people to Truist Field on Saturday, October 22nd. The event’s activities were emceed by our own Ramona Holloway from MIX 107.9’s “Matt and Ramona” morning show and Tara Lane and Ann Wyatt Little from Queen City News.  All three chose to  participate because of their own personal connections to […]

If you are freaked out by eye stuff, this is not for you! From the article, “A California ophthalmologist recently shocked the internet by posting a video of herself extracting 23 forgotten contact lenses from a patient’s eye”. You read that correctly, 23 contact lenses!! The doctor used a q-tip and a jewlers forcep to […]

Researchers are saying the human brain has a bed time–even if you don’t! The human brain was not meant to stay awake past midnight. A recent study found that those who stay up past midnight tend to have changes to their brain that impact how they interact with the world. They may view the world […]

  Shocker, shocker…. It’s no surprise that exercise can help you live a longer life, but how much you do can really help. A new study from American Heart Association found that exercising for two and a half hours or more a week can dramatically lower the risk of death. Exercising two to four hours […]

Maybe your bad habit isn’t all bad. Science tells us there is an upsdie to, among other bad habits,  biting your nails, slouching, and peeing in the shower. I don’t think this article means to imply the good outweighs the bad when it comes to these habits. However; if you wold like a nuggett you […]

Just because something is repeated over and over does not make it true. These health myths prove that point. Coffee stunts your growth. That is a MYTH. The FACT is genetics determine your height. Coffee isn’t linked to any medical conditions except for a slight, temporary increase in blood pressure. 10,000 steps is the key to […]