Researchers are saying the human brain has a bed time–even if you don’t! The human brain was not meant to stay awake past midnight. A recent study found that those who stay up past midnight tend to have changes to their brain that impact how they interact with the world. They may view the world […]

  Shocker, shocker…. It’s no surprise that exercise can help you live a longer life, but how much you do can really help. A new study from American Heart Association found that exercising for two and a half hours or more a week can dramatically lower the risk of death. Exercising two to four hours […]


Maybe your bad habit isn’t all bad. Science tells us there is an upsdie to, among other bad habits,  biting your nails, slouching, and peeing in the shower. I don’t think this article means to imply the good outweighs the bad when it comes to these habits. However; if you wold like a nuggett you […]


Just because something is repeated over and over does not make it true. These health myths prove that point. Coffee stunts your growth. That is a MYTH. The FACT is genetics determine your height. Coffee isn’t linked to any medical conditions except for a slight, temporary increase in blood pressure. 10,000 steps is the key to […]

  American men are in poorer health and are more likely to die than men in other countries, a new study has found. Conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, the study examined “health care accessibility, affordability and health status” for men in 11 high-income countries. Of the countries included in the study, the United States ranked […]

While most avid coffee drinkers would likely tell you downing at least one cup of the caffeinated beverage a day makes their lives better, they may not know just how beneficial java can be. A new study conducted in the United Kingdom has found that people who drink coffee on a daily basis are far […]

  Sugar is EVERYWHERE and it is highly addictive and destructive. Sugar destroys the immune system and actually feeds cancer cells and other diseases.  Do you even know the actual amount of sugar you consume each day? Holly Haze lets you in on some secrets. “Sugars are added to most foods on the shelves and […]

Just because a medicine is available over the counter, doesn’t mean it is safe to take daily. We’ve all been there though. Aches and pains happen. We reach for the acetaminophen or ibuprofen to work some magic. This is fine for once in a while, but was never meant to be an every day or […]

  Iodine is one of those minerals we don’t think too much about, but we should. The body needs it to produce the thyroid hormone. A couple of good questions to ask is how MUCH iodine is enough and how much is TOO much? That would depend on a few variables such as the source […]

  A while back Holly Haze did a blog about reading labels. The ingredients list on any given product can be daunting so she wanted to do a follow up regarding certain popular ingredients that are in almost everything and why you should stay clear of them. “The importance of knowing the ingredients is pretty […]