Recently, there were two separate posts here about children’s health. Holly Haze discussed childhood obesity and also ADD/ADHD. Besides sugar, the added ingredients with food coloring are being linked to many behavioral issues with our kids. Here’s why. Food dye was added into foods simply to make them LOOK more appealing. There is zero […]

Starting next year, students in Illinois will be given extra days off for mental health. The new law allows students to take up to five ‘mental health days’ each school year. These days off will not require a doctor’s note to be counted as an excused absence. Lawmakers say the bill will help students cope […]

  Will Smith Has Partnered With Fitbit. After confessing that he hasn’t been working out lately, Will Smith has joined forces with Fitbit.  For the partnership, Will Smith will supply content to inspire people to get active. Social media hasn’t been to kind to the actor since he got jiggy with it while in quarantine […]

    Let’s talk ADD/ADHD. The FDA has approved yet another form of methylphenidate, otherwise known as Ritalin, for hyperactive children. The name is Jornay PM. A child is to take this before bedtime in order to ensure the medication takes effect upon awakening and will not cause disruption to the morning routine. Children age […]

  Earlier this week, Holly Haze posted a blog about the overweight and obese children epidemic.  If you haven’t had time to read it, it is eye-opening. Do you think your child is eating too much junk food?  They probably are, according to new research. You think? A new study published this week found that […]

  Gastric bypass surgery is now being considered an option for children under the age of 14. If this does not serve as a major wake up call, then I don’t know what will. In some countries, this procedure is happening to children under the age of five. The guidelines for the United States have […]

    With school back in session, let’s talk school lunches. When we look back at cafeteria food, we may actually have good memories!!! Little square pieces of pizza, graham crackers, chocolate milk, cheeseburgers (let’s be honest, there probably wasn’t any meat or cheese in whatever they gave us!) granted, cafeteria food has seemingly improved […]

  Kate Hudson, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss & More Stars Share Foolproof Diet and Fitness Tricks For Traveling! If you travel a lot it can sometimes be hard to stick to a clean eating regimen, but according to several celebrities like Kate Hudson and Kendall Jenner, it can be done using these tricks. Kate Hudson […]

        So many people take multivitamins. The main reason is they think they are swallowing nutrients that the body is lacking. Our very own Holly Haze says, “People think vitamins are pretty harmless but if you don’t do some research, it might be better to just leave them on the shelf.” Every […]

Actor Kevin Connolly recently revealed during a podcast that his 6-week-old daughter got the coronavirus. Although being vaccinated, he contracted the virus and said that his symptoms were ‘brutal’ but manageable. He also opened up about his daughter contracting the virus. He said, “It’s been hard. It’s hard when your kid is sick, you know? […]