More and more Americans are taking on extra work to deal with skyrocketing inflation. The number of people working two full-time jobs for more than 70 hours a week has risen nearly 40% over the last two-and-a-half years, according to federal data. With the rate of inflation outpacing the rate of wage increases, nearly 75% […]

The cost of groceries continues to rise in the United States, climbing another 1 percent over the past month. That’s according to the Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index, which was released on Wednesday. It reveals the overall cost of food has gone up by 12.2 percent since June 2021, marking its biggest increase since 1981. In […]

Inflation spiked by 6.4 percent in February, bringing the cost of living in the U.S. to a 40-year high. The figure, released Thursday by the U.S. Commerce Department, is the highest it’s been since January 1982. As a result, Americans spent 0.2 percent more money last month, the Commerce Department reports. On the other hand, […]