Jennifer Garner

  For her recent 50th birthday, Jennifer Garner says she threw herself a wedding.  She said, “I basically had a wedding for myself. I was so shocked that I was doing it.” She also shared that although she has a reputation for being nice, she isn’t always friendly.  She said, “I can also be salty, […]

Happy Birthday to Jennifer Garner, who just turned 50 years old. She even got surprised during her celebration by Donny Osmond. In a video shared to her Instagram on Friday, an already overwhelmed Garner sits at a restaurant as she watches a personalized video from the legendary singer serenading her over the phone. But, little […]

Jennifer Garner recently posted an IG cooking video, where she showed off one of her favorite holiday meals. She makes Ina Garten’s famous recipe for beef bourguignon, which is basically a French stew. As she was adding the cognac to the recipe, a fire erupted that almost set the whole kitchen on fire. Garner said, […]

Ben Affleck recently made comments about drinking during Jennifer Garner’s marriage that caused him to receive a lot of backlash. He said, “We probably would’ve ended up at each other’s throats. I probably still would’ve been drinking. Part of why I started drinking was because I was trapped.” He continued, “I was like, ‘I can’t […]