In a recent poll, 24% of adults said they feel judge on a daily basis. Here are a few of the things we wish we could do in public without judgement. 1.  Complimenting a stranger.  (Obviously, this CAN be appreciated . . . but it really depends what the compliment is, and who you’re directing […]

Matt Harris & Seton Tucker Return with a new episode for the mysterious Murdaugh Family Murders! A solicitor requests Judge Carmen Mullen to be investigated in regards to her dealings with Alex Murdaugh. Should Alex’s phone calls have been made public? We break it down with our legal analyst.  

Britney Spears had more to say in court yesterday than we have heard in years, and it was heart-wrenching. The singer begged the judge to free her from the prison. Spears claims she is drugged with lithium and forced to have an IUD so to not get pregnant. Former Prosecutor Says Civil rights attorney, David […]