Matt And Ramona: Off Air

In this episode of the Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast, we discuss if kissing is expected on the first date. Matt thinks if it’s she doesn’t want to make out she probably isn’t interested. Ramona says that’s ridiculous. She is not making out on a first date. They debate and you laugh. Plus, you […]


Thousands of people took part in an online poll on what constitutes cheating in a relationship. Here are a few scenarios the poll asked about. 1.  Does kissing someone on the cheek count as cheating?  Only 7% say yes.  But 73% think kissing on the lips is definitely cheating.  3% even think it’s cheating when two […]

Just a few weeks ago, Britney Spears said she was taking a break from social media. Now, instead of staying OUT of the limelight while on her honeymoon, Spears flaunts obnoxious PDA on her Instagram account. Apparently, Britney Spears and her hubby Sam are living their best life on their honeymoon. She shared video dancing […]

We would never kiss and tell.. OR WOULD WE?? On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona we discuss kissing and the different types of kisser we all could be. Matt seems to be a “Take Charge Tim” and Ramona is looking for a Sync UP Sam.. We’re not Prince but we’re giving […]

  Ok Friends fans….this……it. TV’s most iconic on again off again we were on a break couple may be giving it a shot in real life!! Can it be true? Could we BE any happier? Ever since the Friends reunion show in May, where both co-stars admitted to hiding mutual feelings for each other, the […]

Matt and Ramona

63% of people say they are annoyed by “over the top” PDA. ONLY 63 per cent! I mean, we are talking “over the top”. That number means one of two things. Either that 17% believes there is no such thing as too much PDA, or no matter what the “handsy” couple is doing, those 17% don’t consider ANYTHING over the top.