Will Smith shared earlier this year that he had put on a few pounds during the quarantine and that he was taking back control of his body with help from FitBit. Smith gave fans an update via social media in a new video showing how much progress he’s made.  The actor was lifting heavy […]

Study Finds Eating Chocolate in the Morning Can Burn Fat! SIGN ME UP! While their hearts might have been in the right place, it turns out our mothers were wrong about eating candy in the morning. At least that’s the word from Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers, who say eating 100 milligrams of chocolate within […]

      AirPods Pro Could Act As Hearing Aids for Those With Minimal Hearing Loss The AirPods Pro could act as a hearing aid for people with minimal hearing loss. However, Apple is NOT promoting the AirPods as a health product. They say when paired with Apple Health you can create a hearing profile. AirPods can […]