Do you think this is a real phenomenon, and has it ever happened to you?  The term “OFFICE GOGGLES” is trending after some blogger posted about it on TikTok.  It’s like “beer goggles,” but just at work and no booze required. It’s when you fall for someone at the office even though you’d never look […]


Are you gearing up for a big spring clean?  If not, you might die alone.  (???)  A new survey for spring cleaning season looked at various chores and run-of-the-mill things we apparently find ATTRACTIVE now. Single people between 18 and 45 were polled.  Here are five unexpected activities you might want to add to your […]


Signs the person you love is truly your best friend 1. You trust one another completely. Just remember you should learn to trust each other more and more as the years go on. 2. You contact them immediately when something happens They are your “go to” for all news, good or bad 3. You both […]


Thousands of people took part in an online poll on what constitutes cheating in a relationship. Here are a few scenarios the poll asked about. 1.  Does kissing someone on the cheek count as cheating?  Only 7% say yes.  But 73% think kissing on the lips is definitely cheating.  3% even think it’s cheating when two […]

Matt And Ramona: Off Air

A new Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast is ready to enjoy. Ramona’s sorority sisters say something about Matt that causes her to get grossed out. That’s part of our recap of  the Matt and Ramona, Jamison Realty,  Family Dance Party fundraiser for the Alzheimers Foundation. It is a real laugh out loud moment when […]

It’s just a hunk, hunk of burning love! Literally! On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Matt & Eric don’t mind burning their mouths for good food but Ramona thinks it’s an impulse issue! Plus, want to save your own life? Listen to Matt cause he can help.. .maybe.. actually just try […]

If loving you is wrong, WE DON’T NEED TO BE RIGHT! Ramona breaks it down what you need to get some nookie on Hump DAY! But some how they turned to Matt telling her to take her own advice and some how I got brought UP into this lovey dovey Eric’s Funny Moment of The […]

Intimate Issues w/ Ramona Holloway Special Date Night Places in Charlotte! We know the pandemic has had you in the house and it’s a little boring. So Ramona made a list! Here are 3 places in Charlotte that you can go, have a fun with your partner and not spend so much! We know that […]

Sometimes Swiping right can be like a box chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get. A girl swiped right in WEST LA, meet a man named Ryan who introduced her to his mother in the same hour! The young lady was just casual looking for a potential mate and matched with Ryan. He […]

  MUAH! Happy Valentine’s Day lovers on OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona! 60% of people are more comfortable sharing their finances than saying “I Love You” first in a relationship! Shocked? We are too! Plus, if Ramona gets married again she’ll be screaming those Kanye West lyrics “WE WANT PRENUP!” on this heartthrob of […]