Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart recently made a plea to Mariah Carey not to skip Thanksgiving since Mariah Carey has been donned the ‘Queen of Christmas.’ Martha said, “Mariah, you know me. I am a traditionalist with a twist.” She continued, “You cannot give up Thanksgiving. Just because you don’t like turkey? I love turkey, and many, many […]

Martha Stewart is mourning the loss of her Persian cat, Princess Peony after her four dogs mistook her for a threat, and killed her. She took to social media to break the news, “Burying the beautiful and unusual Princess Peony. the four dogs mistook her for an interloper and killed her defenseless little self. I […]

Martha Stewart was on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ when she was asked if she is dating. She said no. Then she corrected herself. She said she is dating but she is not telling Andy Cohen who she is dating. She also admitted that after she posted her ‘thirst trap’ photo this summer she had […]

Send prayers out to Martha Stewart. The chef and entrepreneur revealed that she’s recovering from an Achilles tendon injury.  In a post on Instagram, Martha revealed the injury with a picture of her left leg wrapped in a  bandage. “Not the prettiest photo nor the happiest back story,” Martha wrote in the caption.  She further […]