Poop’d scoop. Scoopidity poopidity poop! And there was plenty of it on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona. Ramona had amazing time in UPTOWN over the weekend except for one part; crap in an elevator. Ewww! Plus we talk about reasons why guys say “You deserve better” and somehow that leads to […]

“I Dream” is powerful. It’s a moving production staged by Opera Carolina that is set in the final hours of the extraordinary lives of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and his wife, Coretta.  The staging, acting and phenomenal musical performances from the cast bring history to life at Belk Theater September 16, 18 &19. […]

Does your wife’s grocery list make you go BONKERS? Well on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Matt definitely had some “trouble” with Amy’s list. He only went for a few items, but somehow didn’t understand most of the list! Plus Ramona let’s us know what some of her superstitions are and […]

I’m too sexy to speak up. Too sexy to make a full sentence. Too…. actually YOU’RE NOT! On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona. Ramona returns to the podcast with a little advice for you fellas; SPEAK UP! Matt shows us a study about mumbling men and how woman find it attractive. […]

For several years on 107.9 FM in Charlotte, Louise “Wheezy” Glover was Ramona Holloway’s coworker in addition to being her  mom and BFF.  Ramona says she had no idea her retired teacher mother had such a wicked sense of humor before her “World of Wheezy” segments started airing during the Matt & Ramona Show.  Kary […]

Ever been to a county fair before? Ah. Yes. The deep fried oreos, the pie eating contest, games, and those contest for kids… oh those contest. The Wilson County Fair in Tennessee had this little guy breaking it down in a clogging contest and he did what had to be done! Even the other contestants […]

Did you just purchase a band t-shirt? Are band t-shirts an important part of your wardrobe? Well, if so, then you better check the rule book.   According to a survey, of “proud band tee owners, you should know at least ten songs from a band before you sport their shirt.  20% think you shouldn’t […]

Money doesn’t have to be the end all be all in this world. It’s okay to not spend all your coins on the latest and greatest. It’s okay to give a little to others that strive to make a great change in our world. It’s just money and this day shows us just that. Happy […]

Left Handers. We understand that this  world is inconvenient for you and that the struggle sometimes can be too real. Welp! Cheers to you today for having a rare super power that only few posse. Here’s to you, that goes thru daily struggles with scissors, measuring taps and right- handed notebooks. Your pain isn’t in […]

Help us give teachers the supplies they need and give students an opportunity to succeed. Join Ramona Holloway and Eric Kelley II at our Backpacks and Basics Back to School Events. Drop off school supplies between 4 and 7 on Friday, August 27th at Northcross Shopping Center or Saturday August 28th between 10 and 1 […]