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I have one wife and two kids and I’m exhausted. A guy in India, had 39 wives and 94 friggin’ kids! It is amazing that the guy lived to 76. The stress of all that family would have taken out my heart at around 47!

Summer!! Yippee!! Well, that jubilant feeling lasts, for parents, about 6.3 days. Then those same kids that were dancing and burning old papers and work books (okay, maybe a bit extreme but you get where I’m going) will say the dreaded, “I’m bored!”

“The wristbands take a cue from traffic lights: Red equals no contact; yellow indicates an elbow bump is okay; green means go in for the hug or the high-five.”

My daughter was having a playdate the other day when she yelled, “Dad, crap; is a bad word, right?”  My mind started doing calculations. I immediately seized on the way the question was asked. It was apparent she was looking for confirmation that “crap” was a bad word. I didn’t remember dictating that word was banned in our house, so I’m guessing my wife did.

In a recent YouGov survey, 6 percent of people think they could beat a grizzly bear in a fight! Are they serious? Is it more surprising that about one in four think they would LOSE to a rat?

When I confess my love of true crime documentaries, I scare some people. That doesn't stop me from watching them. I recommend a few to my fellow murder doc lovers.


I am a big fan of mixing two kinds of cereals. For example, Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Raisin Bran. Ramona Holloway believes mixing Oreo-O's and Special K is almost a biblical abomination. Here are some of the favorite cereal combos

Brynn Elliott strives to uplift women with her platform, and she joined Ramona Holloway to talk about her latest women's empowerment anthem, "Tell Me I'm Pretty."

Ava Max joined 107.9 The Link on International Women's Day to talk about how she uses her music to inspire women.